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12/27/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY 8

Greetings all,

Well with this post I find out that I did indeed forget to post that Monday. I have not look at this post until a bit ago and thought “OK Dave hasn’t lost all of his marbles yet”. A great relief to me and my invisible friend ……. you know like the one you have ……... right? All right now, not everyone speak at the same time…….Ahh the sound of silence …….. you gotta love it. I believe that the two posts are in the wrong order, but since the second one has the stats I posted them in that order on purpose. My next installment of “Blast from the past”: 

Original Stardate: 7/8/2010
A funny thing happened on Monday that I forgot to post. While I was shopping at the grocery store I happened to be near the pharmacy and overheard the pharmacist and her assistant talking. One said "I heard that she is cutting carbs to lose weight" the other said "yeah I tried that and didn't last two days without getting light-headed, so I gave it up" the first one said "yeah and it's bad for your kidneys right?" I wanted to say "OMG are you fricking kidding me", so I just shook my head and continued shopping.

Today we were swamped at work. I had customers out the rear end. I was shorthanded so I helped out my staff for several hours. After playing pizza delivery boy (for DW), I crashed on my bed and fell asleep for about three hours just to recharge my batteries. I noticed that as long as I don't have a lot of activities I'm "ok" but as soon as I have some extra activity "boom" I'm down for the count. Charles said that my energy levels should change upward with time and I agree 100%.

All in all (except for a few minor tummy issues) I feel good about the WOE.

Original Stardate: 7/8/2010 (second post same date)
I feel pretty good today; I got a lot of rest. So far I'm sticking to eating only when I'm hungry. When I was posting last night I started to feel a little green about the gills. It was about 11:30 PM. Then I realized that I had not eaten since about 2:30 PM and at that it was just a GB patty. So I went to the fridge and ate about half a cold Rib eye steak (yes, it was cooked) and drank a large glass of H2O. I almost instantly felt better. I was able to read for a while in the FAQ area. I guess my body was “talking” to me. I have had this feeling in the past and it never occurred to me to eat. I did not have hunger pangs. I still have not had any cravings. In the past I used Splenda all the time. Often I would drink 3-4 cups of regular coffee (12oz cups) with a couple of packs of AFS and HWC at work. I often made recipes from Lindsue’s site: LC pancakes, muffins, cookies breads and so on. Most of the recipes I would make required AFS.

Energy level: good
Overall Health: good
Cravings: None
Today’s Menu: GB, Steak, Oopsie roll (2) & H2O

OK the memory lapse from that Monday was not cause by (ZC). Yes, I was trapped in my vehicle with a steaming hot fresh pizza that engulfed the cab of truck. Yes, I loved the smell and no it never crossed my mind to eat a slice although (DW) keep asking if I wanted some. Did I mention that she did not support my (WOE) and hounded me to death about it daily? I did have some energy problems at the start of (ZC) as mentioned. Maybe not enough fat for energy?? Also I was having tummy troubles at the start of (ZC). I have my gallbladder removed not too long before starting (ZC) and this may have been the cause. I mention artificial sweeteners. Yes I admit at one point in time I was a splenda junkie. Now I am clean and sober. 

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. A system free of artificial junk is the SWEETEST gift you can give your body. Battle On!!!

(ZC)er How Sweet it IS



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