Monday, December 28, 2015

12/28/2015 - Born to be ALIVE

Greetings Family and Friends,

Once again I am here to serve you my dear folks. Serve what you may say..........or not! Serve you a great big dose of .... of..... of....

OK, so I don't know what I am serving today, but it is promised to be oh so good. Yes, good indeed!!!

I have decided to post the "Blast from the Past" series every other day in order to free up a day in between in case Denis or I want to post something else like: "Why did the Chicken cross the road?" or something to that matter. Right? 

I would say the Chicken crossed the road to make it into a pot in order for me to make some oh so good Chicken Salad ....... YUMMMMMM!!!!!!

So, what new tidbit can I pass on today besides don't eat yellow snow? I know how about I tell you a little bit about myself. BORING!!!!! 

OK, how about I sing you a song? ................................. jeeeezzzz all I heard was a bunch of nothing.

OK, how about I give a little advice? Yes? OK, you twisted my arm. Now for some advice........well........hmmm...... oh yeah don't I already said that.............ummm....

This time I am for real. No more joking around. I have to say that I really feel that this Lifestyle can be as easy or as hard as we make it. Speaking from experience I can honestly say that if I did not take time to prepare my meals and whatnot I would fail. Yes, I said fail. I am a Zero Carber (ZC)er living in a SAD world. Nothing is geared out there to make me succeed. Everything out there is geared for me to fail. It takes real effort and some ingenuity to make it out there. 

Look It: I am speaking to the newbies out there and maybe some veterans ......... you must have a plan when at home or going out when it comes to eating. You can not always pack away food with you, not always. Especially if you are diverted from your regular routine without notice. We all know that can happen from time to time. So what do you do? WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!

There is never ever an excuse to fall off the wagon. At least not in my book. That one day or event can ruin everything. It can take you to the point of no return. It sure can and for some poor souls it already has and coming back can be next to impossible. So why go there to start with? I rather be hungry before I turn to the dark side. Ohhh I think that last line had a little too much drama for me. Hahaha!!!! No really I do mean that it is best to be prepared for the events that may be out of your hand. What I mean is to have a fallback plan. That's all. I understand that for some of us making decisions about eating out can be hard. I never go to Italian restaurants because I know that for the most part I will be in trouble. Hey that's my little two cents. Take it, leave it or whatever!!!

OK off the soapbox and back to reality. The magic word for today: Prepare!

Have a wonderful day my Family and Friends. Battles are won everyday, yet the War still rages on. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er No Surrender, No Retreat




  1. You are soo right Dave: "WHATEVER IT TAKES" is the moto to follow.

    But it can be done; beleive me; I am doing it!!!


  2. When people realize that zc is a lifestyle and not a quick weight loss gimmick they will appreciate what your message means. I get it and I hope others do too.

  3. great sermon dave. i totally agree with denis and sara. you have to do what ever it takes to keep this way of eating.

    1. No truer words were ever spoken. Battle On!!!

  4. Nicely done Dave, I'm with the others on this. I have been in tight spots before on the road and I sometimes have to spend a little extra $$. It's worth it for me to stay zero carb. Battle on Dave!

    1. Thanks Bill, you are right about the bucks, but it is worth every penny. Battle On!!!



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