Thursday, December 3, 2015

12/3/2015 - Walk the LINE or NOT

Greetings Family, Friends,

Well, here we are again.......again you say? Again indeed!!! What was that all about??? Here we go again.....good gravy (oops) I meant good grief!!! Was that you again Cyber Mom? Where's Bob when I need him??? Hahaha!!!

So, what's the moral of the title of this Journal Entry "Walk the LINE or NOT"?  Hmmm............what can it be all about? Well my good people of course it is about Zero Carb don't ya know? HA! I get emails asking me advice on how to eat or handle eating at parties or out with friends and such. 

My simple answer: WALK THE LINE OR NOT!

Look-It: There is no such thing as cheat days, cheat situations or cheat anything. You either "Walk the LINE or NOT", that simple ...... that simple indeed!!! 

Love me, hate me or whatever............ that is my stance. If you use your noodle (oops) I meant brain, you can figure your way out of every situation concerning this Way of Eating (WOE). Yes, you can. Been there, done that and will do it again and again and again. You have to have a a "Will of Steel" and most of all you must plan. Most failures on the Zero Carb Lifestyle (ZCL) is related to poor planning.

Zero Carb eating has to be one of the easiest, simple ways of eating. All you have to do is eat. Nothing special about that... right? That is unless when we make it hard by making bad choices. So if you decide to live this lifestyle and reap the rewards of good if not GREAT HEALTH more power to you: JUST WALK THE LINE.

Dang that sounded like one of your old sermons Dave! Cyber Mom are you making fun of me again??? Hahaha!!! 

As for me: I WALK THE LINE!!!

Have a great Zero Carb Day my Family and Friends. Walk the LINE with Me. The choice is yours......... it always has been. Keep On Keeping On and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Can you hear me NOW




  1. Just caught up on your most recent posts, I am happy to see you posting again. :-)Cat

    1. Cat, thank you so much for your most kind comments!! Post again I shall!!! Battle On!!!

  2. Dave it's time for another post. I want to see this blog alive again as in the past. I really appreciate all that you have shared and that you keep the blog open as an archive of you zc experience. I can tell by the number of hits on this blog that you have had a lot of readers. I love your attitude about life. Love the updated look! Bill

    1. Bill long time my friend! Glad to see that you are still hanging around these parts. New post coming today and some NEWS........ We had a few good numbers here considering this is an unadvertised blot. Thanks Bill and Battle On!!!



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