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Vitamin D is a trendy subject nowadays in the wild world of nutrition. Studies are showing, on average, 65% of population is deficient in this essential vitamin; and the big QUESTION that comes up frequently is “Should we supplement ourselves with vitamin D?”

We often read vitamin D, well known for it's importance in calcium absorption, may also protect for cancer, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, autoimmune disorders, name them, the list is long. Except we do not have any proof that SUPPLEMENTATION is effective in providing this protection, compare to other sources of vitamin D…

But let my first give you some information this nutrient.

Just to clarify a point. There are different types of vitamin D; in fact there are 5 different types! The 2 most important ones are D2, which is also called ERGOCALCIFEROL and D3, which is named CHOLECALCIFEROL. And, in reality, as vitamin D is a steroid it should be considered a hormone instead of a vitamin; but this is another subject.

The human body can produce its own vitamin D (especially cholecalciferol-D3) by exposure of the skin to sunshine’s UVB radiation. We would need 20 minutes of exposure per week and we should be OK. Except we simply do not get it… First, we are scare of the sun because of higher risks of skin cancer (and premature skin aging…), we use a lot of sun-tan lotion and, as nowadays we wash ourselves with insane quantity of soap, this eliminates the protective cholesterol-containing substance our skin produce which is transformed in Vitamin D by the sun… Conclusion: spending insane quantity of time inside the house, away from the sun, sitting in front of the TV and computer do have some consequences!

The major role of vitamin D, which we are sure of, is to enhance intestinal absorption of CALCIUM, IRON, MAGNESIUM, PHOSPHATE and ZINC, which are, as you know, very essential nutrients.

The major consequence we often see with vitamin D deficiency is low CALCIUM absorption leading to osteoporosis (lack of calcium in the bones). This problem used to be seen only in older post-menopause women with a bad diet, no exercise and low to no exposure to sun. But, nowadays, it is also a problem seen in younger women and even MEN. In fact, 10 % of new cases of osteoporosis are now diagnose in male subjects!!!

Interestingly, dark-skinned people, living in TEMPERATE climates, lack vitamin D because they are less efficient at making the nutrient, the reason being the presence of higher levels of MELANIN in their skin. Historically, because of important sun exposure of Africans, they adapted to produce less vitamin D compare to  Caucasians, which, on the other hand, have lower levels of MELANIN and, so, are more efficient in producing vitamin D.

Daily intake recommendations may vary from country to country, but also from age to age, and also if you are a man or a woman. In average it is about 600 IU per day.

Please take note as vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin like vitamin A, E and K, it accumulates itself in the body, differently from water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C. The consequences being if you are taking too much supplement, you are at risk of intoxication.

So what are the diet’s good sources of vitamin D?

Well, let’s celebrate, the best sources are: ANIMAL PRODUCTS!!!

According to official nutrition references, FISH LIVER oil (especially COD LIVER oil), and BEEF LIVER, are the best sources. Fatty fish species such as SALMON, MACKEREL, TUNA and SARDINES come second. Then, you should not be surprise, EGGS provide also good quantities.

Interestingly, vegetarian diet is nearly voided of vitamin D. Nowadays, these adepts rely on IRRADIATED dry mushrooms or algae, which is certainly not the most natural food item. On the other side, as many vegetarians do eat dairy product, they meet their needs with fortified milk, along with enriched cereals or orange juice. BUT THESE FOOD ITEMS ARE NOT SOURCES OF VITAMIN D IN THEIR ORIGINAL FORMS, THEY ARE ALL SUPPLEMENTED WITH ARTIFICIAL VITAMIN D!!!

When you Google “food sources of vitamin D”, after liver and fish come up, you get the impression meat do not contain enough to meet daily needs. THIS IS WRONG, DEAD WRONG. THE REASON BEING THE RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY CONSIDER “LEAN MEAT”.

The rule is easy to remember: THE FATTER THE MEAT IS, THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF VITAMIN D IT CONTAINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to a study, PORK with a lot of lard contains 8-10 times more vitamin D then lean parts.

BUTTER, CHEESE and GREEK YOGURT contains astronomical quantities of vitamin D.

Of course, one have to search deeper into medical studies to find these informations but the knowledge is there.

So here we are and this explains so well why folks on a Zero Carb diet never reported to my knowledge any vitamin D deficiency!

ALL THIS BEING SAID, WE MAY CONCLUDE: on a Zero Carb diet full of fatty cuts of meat, individual needs for vitamin D are largely met and so, THERE IS NO NEEDS TO SUPPLEMENT!!!



  1. Great post Denis. You really covered the gambit of vitamin D. I knew bits and pieces of the information, but you put it altogether. Thank you my Zero Carb Brother in Arms!!!

    I really want to keep this post on the top, so I will post my next "Blast from the Past on Sunday 12/27/2015.

    Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

  2. i love fatty beef, butter, and the like. i guess i get my dose of vitamin d. thanks denis.

  3. Thanks Denis for your article. Is it true that you can get all the sun you need just from exposure of the face? I read about that long ago, but I am not sure if it is true. I guess it referred about the Eskimos during their winters about the face being only exposed to the sun. Missed your articles. Sara

  4. Studies have documented exposure to sun of both hands for 20 minutes by week is enough to get your body to produce all the vitamin D you need. So I guess exposure of the entire face could be considered equal.


    1. Hey Denis, your article was posted on the ZIOH Facebook public group and got a nice little discussion going. I also linked your article to the ZIOH private group. Everyone really appreciated sharing. Facebook public group:

  5. I eat a lot of fatty meats and never had a vit D deficiency. This post is spot on.

  6. Nice information Denis, just like all your posts. We need all the education available when explaining to others about our way of eating. Bill



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