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1/18/2016 - Blast from the Past - DAY 19

Greetings all,
It has been a joy sharing my past experiences with everyone and I hope it has at least touched someone out there. Your next installment of “Blast from the Past” coming right at ya:

Original Stardate: 7/19/2010
So far so good. I’m still fighting the good fight with no end in sight. 

I still want to laugh when people ask me to send them a link about the “diet” so they can lose a few pounds. It seems that some people can’t grasp the concept of a WOE for life.

This is the start of week five of (ZC). I really don’t plan on changing things up too much. For now it looks like the basics (beef and water) works for me. I might change the way I cook the meat. So far I have been cooking my steaks and GB on the outside Q. I actually have not gotten tired of that flame broiled taste of the grill. So on second thought I might just stick with the Q for now. 

If it’s not broke why fix it.

Another Great Day in the Life of (ZC)!!

Original Stardate: 7/19/2010
Hello there Nikki, thanks for the compliment and welcome aboard. I feel that although I’m a “newbie” in the world of (ZC) I’m an old hand in the world of change. I can adapt to change with the best of them. Fortunately this change is a Joy. I’m losing weight, making my body healthy and learning a whole new prospective on my WOE. 

When it comes to (ZC), change is good.

I look forward to reading about your journey as you experience (ZC).


Original Stardate: 7/19/2010
Thanks Mel, I try to keep it one step at a time. For me “Failure is not an option.” Besides the tummy troubles, it’s been a pleasant transition. What more can someone ask of a WOE. My choices are Rib eyes and GB, or GB and Rib eyes. Hmmm….. Let me think. By limiting my choices I have gained total control. So easy even a Texan can do it. 

Thanks for stopping by. Words of encouragement mean a lot even when it seems like you have got it together.


Well I can honestly say that the timeline is still a little off because I found a double post under this date “19th” and the “18th” so I left one out. I have 4 post for this date. Also I do not see a weight-in for this date which must mean another misalignment. No worries, these little timeline “hiccups” are real close and should correct themselves soon. OK, enough with the drama and on with the 

Observation: Two 
Of the three posts are response to Nikki and Mel. This is the first Nikki out of two maybe three that I knew in the past on this forum. Mel? Well he is a legend around here and there is no need anything further except” “Pass the PUCK” Ha! Actually he is good if not GREAT person that I have the privilege to say that I met in person at the San Antonio Meat-Up a few years ago among many other fellow (ZC)ers, but that is another “Blast from the Past” that will come later. Dave the “Observation” please! Sorry, got off track. Anyhow….I would get these request to give me the “link to the diet”….good grief!!! At this point it is around week 5 on this (WOE). I am adjusting to the basics: Meat and Water. I have always loved the “Q” and at this point enjoying it very much. So this seems to be a “coming out” moment for me. I am really grasping the benefits of all things (ZC). I make a comment of an easy transition except for the dreaded “Tummy Troubles” or “Rumble in the Jungle” Hahaha!!! Rib eyes……………need I say more??? OK, if you insist: at this point I realize that limiting my food choices at an early stage in this Journey really helped me focus. How hard is the choice: burger or steak? Limit your choices and gain control. Good of not GREAT advice for “Newbies” from a “Rookie”. Need I say more? OK, I can see that I did not fool you this time. 

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Make it Simple, make it Forever. Most of all stay in the Fight and do what’s Right and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The Eyes of Texas are Upon YOU

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    Anyone that follows a road that leads to Zero Carb will realize at one point this is the only way he can eat to get and stay healthy.

    As Dave puts it "Make it forever" is probably the best advice one can get on the subject.


    1. Forever INDEED my good Friend!!! This is the only natural way we were meant to eat. Battle On!!!



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