Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1/26/2016 - Blast from the Past - DAY 23

Greetings all,

Now this is an interesting few posts. I had one post on this day and three responses (from me) to comments made by members. The topic of discussion if “Artificial Sweeteners”. I kept a coffee cup full of Splenda packets on my desk for the longest time to test my resolve. Without further delay my next installment of “Blast from the Past” :

Original Stardate" 7/23/2010
Thanks Heidi, I used to think (AS) were God’s gift to LC & VLC. All those possible recipes!!! What a big disappointment. They are so quick to put a sugar fix on the market to make money and not give a rats butt about the people. Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

That’s the past and I’m here now and forever.

(ZC)er for life


Original Stardate: 7/23/2010
Wow-zers Deanie, I never heard that someone could smell splenda or any sweetener through packets. As far as scents are concerned, they don’t bother me. I do like the scent of fresh coffee in the morning. It does not incite me to grab a cup. When I get to where I need to be I might visit that area and see how my body reacts to it, but that’s a long way from now.


Original Stardate: 7/23/2010
Amen sister Cindy………….a Blessing indeed. I actually keep that poison pill on my desk as reminder. Every day I look at it and say to myself “never again.” 

So for right now I am locked in Mortal Combat with that pile of Splenda. Someday I will toss it. 

"Never again will I touch artificial sweeteners and I will try to educate my patients as to the very important reasons why” 
- Dr. Richard J. Sabates, M.D-

Original Stardate: 7/23/2010
I feel like I’m getting back into the grove of things. My spirits are much higher than yesterday. I was able to fall asleep around10:00 pm. I forgot to set my alarm last night, but I managed to get up at exactly 4:30 am. I’m hoping for a much slower day at work. I still have not cravings for carbs, or any desire to cheat.

I used to drink coffee most of the morning and sometimes most of the day. My coffee was full caffeinated, HWC and Splenda or flavored syrups (hazelnut or vanilla). I used to drink a couple of cans of diet soda (diet Dr. Pepper or diet Coke) daily at work. At home I would drink mostly generic crystal light (store brand) or Arizona Green Tea SF (powder mix). I would drink very little H2O. I practiced this up until the day I started (ZC).The only thing I tried on (ZC) was hot green tea for about a week (to sub coffee) and that did not last long. 

So, I had a lot of (AS) on a daily basis. I was able to go cold turkey. I have truly been Blessed that I have not experience cravings for (AS). I have a coffee mug on my desk full of Splenda packets. They look as attractive as pencils.



Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Steak, H2O

I tried to find the actual photo that I posted of the Splenda in a coffee mug on my desk that I originally posted, but could not find it. That thing sat on my desk forever (locked in mortal combat). Until (ZC) I never realized how much (AS) consumption I had be downing. Wow, I guess I was a junky. YIKES!!! I now drink coffee in the morning, plain black, but a lot less. I now enjoy the natural taste of coffee and realize that good coffee has a certain taste without all that CRAP mixed in. Every blue moon I will have a little HWC as a special treat with my coffee. I guess it is just for a little change.

 One thing for sure is that now I can taste the natural sweetness in water and even of all things lemons and limes. Once at a restaurant I was drinking water with a twist of lemon and almost spit it out thinking it was lemonade. I know that I have documented it several times in my (ZC) postings. Hey, I am not knocking green tea. I like a cupper every now and then as well as many other types of hot teas especially in the winter. My favorite all time hot tea is Earl Grey. AND being from Texas…..well I drink plain brewed iced tea more so when eating out than at home. 

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. We win Battles every day, yet the War still rages on. Battle On!!!





  1. coffee with junk in it can be addictive. they have all those flavors like a candy store. nice post dave.

  2. I totally agree with you on that. Battle On!!!



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