Monday, January 4, 2016

1/4/2016 - Blast from the Past - DAY 12

Greetings all,
Your next installment of “Blast from the Past”. I hope you enjoy it:

Original Stardate: 7/12/2010
Well, doing the yard work was not too bad. My energy did run out quicker than before (ZC). I had to skip the edging and some weeding. I drank plenty of water. One strange thing is that I weighed myself after I took a shower this evening and weighed the same as this morning instead of the usual 1-2 pound increase. I guess I lost some water weight.

My appetite is really decreasing. I don’t get hungry as often as before (ZC). This is a good thing. I will trust my body to tell me when it needs nutrition. I’m sure some folks would be concerned about this, but I’m not. 

I can’t wait till I start my day tomorrow, because it will be another week down.

Original Stardate: 7/12/2010
I got to sleep in again today. My energy levels are good. I’m sure I’m going to take a beating later when I do some yard work. I’m going to pace myself in order not to burn out. It’s very hot outside today.

Yesterday I went shopping at the grocery store and for the first time I felt nauseous walking through the bakery department on my way to the Meat Section. I used to love to walk thru the bakery, eat a few samples (cookies, croissants, and the other usual suspects). I felt like Superman being zapped with Kryptonite. Thank God I for the Meat Section. I felt better after spending some time there looking for sales and markdowns. I ended up buying Bone-in NY Strip Steaks for $3.97 a pound. This was my second stop for the day. At the first store I bought the ingredients for the Moussaka and some Mascarpone Cheese.

I was able to get a free Blood Glucose Test at my first stop. They give them free every second Saturday of the month. My reading was “91” and that was after I ate earlier that day. I also bought a 5 lb tube of GB (80/20) and used three pounds to make twelve (12) ¼ pound patties. I cooked the patties on the grill outside along with the steaks (which I cut in half). I then flashed freeze all the meat and put them in zip lock bags back into the freezer. It’s great to have these babies readily on hand. They taste as fresh as the day I cook them when nuked IMO.

Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Steak, (ZC) Moussaka, H2O

It appears at this time that I am still suffering from some degree energy loss. I am sure that this varies from person to person. This is just my experience. I am also noticing that my hunger is diminishing. It is oh so important to “Eat when hungry” and I got it. When trying to lose weight you will really reap this reward by “listening to your body”. I make a comment about energy levels being “good”. This reference is when I wake in the morning. Thus means a good solid sleep. Remember these “double posts” are inverted because the stats are on the first post, but I wanted them to be the last post here. Did I confuse everyone? I am still a little confused about the timeline of when I made the Moussaka, but it looks like it was on this day. Oh and I mention my famous “flash freeze” method that I will explain in latter posts. I Tell You What: I used to love walking through the Bakery on the weekends and scarfing up all those free samples……….Jeez!!! I also give a few tips and tricks of how I prepare my food for future use.

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Hanging Tough, Staying Hungry




  1. Sometimes people starting this way of eating tend to overeat all the time and wonder why they don't lose weight or even gain weight. When I eat, I stop when I am satisfied. I keep my weight down and I feel great. -Jane

    1. Howdy Jane, overeat indeed!!! Hey I am with you on this one. Battle On!!!

  2. Dave, I also like your observations concerning eat when hungry and listen to your body. So many problems can be avoided if most would follow that simple yet sound advice. Keep plugging away with the series. I am really enjoying the posts.

  3. Taylor that is the way I feel and my next post will focus to a degree on just that. I am glad you are enjoying the series. Battle On!!!



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