Monday, April 25, 2016

4/25/2016 - Big Inspiration.........

Greetings Family and Friends,

Recently I wrote about an email I received that prompted me to leave my captors on that Flying Saucer and come back to Earth and continue with my postings......... Well, I received permission from the author of that email to publish it here. So, here it is in it's entirety. I found it really touching coming from someone that I don't know. So, in the email I am labeled an "Inspiration" from this oh so kind person, I have to say that Hui is an INSPIRATION to me!

An email from Hui Lin Chua:

Hi Dave,

I'm Hui Lin from Singapore and I just want to thank you for being such a huge inspiration! Barely anyone has heard of LCHF here, much less ZC. All we have is one FB group for LCHF and they keep posting stuff about vegetables.

I was on lchf for about a week or 2 and giving in to sugar and carb cravings every few days, especially when I'm stressed. When I came across your blog and learned about ZC, I knew immediately it's the solution for me. Today marks the 3rd week of ZC for me and I've not given in at all even though my favourite poisons surround me at home. Even yesterday when I was feeling depressed, all I did was to eat a little more feta cheese than usual rather than caving in. 

I've read every single post in your blog and really miss your updates. Denis' insights are really great too. He made me switch the way of viewing ZC. Originally I started ZC because I wanted to lose some weight, though I'm not overweight. But I realized how essential ZC is to our health after reading his posts. Plus there's so little information pertaining to ZC online. The stuff I read from his posts made it easier for me to explain to others why I'm on such an "extreme" path.

Beef is really expensive in Singapore, but I've developed quite a taste it for it, especially ribeye! I've resorted to buying frozen ribeyes to keep my costs down, but even frozen ones are difficult to find. Really envious of how cheap beef is in US. And there's no way for me to grill meat since most of us stay in highrise buildings. I pan fry my steaks instead and even the frozen ones turn out great. Or maybe I just like ribeye a lot haha.

I miss reading your blog so much that I'm thinking of starting all over again. 

Once again, thank you for being such a huge inspiration! Please start posting soon again!


Hui Lin

Wow, that was a great email. I get emails all the time asking for advice or making private comments that some folks don't want to post on the blog. This one stuck out and I wanted to share it.

Stay tuned for my next posting of "Blast from the Past" tonight! Have a great day my Family and Friends. Battles are won daily, yet the War still rages on. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The Power Within



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