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5/11/2016 - Blast from the Past - DAY 34

Greetings Family and Friends,

I am back in the saddle today. Sorry for missing Monday’s post. Some things came up and I did not have time to post. This is a big post so I need the time to make it right. I plan on posting the “Blast from the Past” series on Monday’s Wednesday’s and Friday’s for now. I will leave the other days open for whatever happens. Weekends are still an unknown for now. I am not sure if I want to be posting or fishing. I have been doing a lot of fishing as of late on the weekends. I don’t catch much, but that is just half the fun. I enjoy the Great Outdoors. Nature is good if not GREAT!!!! My buddy that I go fishing with is the BEST. He is a really great guy that I have known for over 30 years. Your next edition of “Blast from the Past”:

First some comments from some Family from the original ZIOH forum on 8/3/2010:

My response to Sharon:
Thank you Sharon. She won't be satisfied until I get my lab result from my next annual in December. Then maybe she will see the light.

(ZC) Lone Ranger


My response to Heidi:
Thanks Heidi, I'm glad that you have some support. There is nothing (DW) could say to me that will stop my Journey. Lock and Load and Rock n Roll.

(ZC)ing thru Thick and Thin


 My response to Mel:
Mel, I concur who knows what crap is injected into the foods at most restaurants to entice you to eat their fare. I paid around $22.00 (@3.99lb) the other day for four big fat juicy Rib eyes at the grocery store. I would pay that or more in The Woodlands for one Steak dinner. 

(ZC)ers are Wise


Original Stardate: 8/3/2010
I did not sleep much last night. (DW) was sick and I stayed up late last night attending to her. She was all better this morning and Doc Dave gave her the green light. I still took the melatonin for good measure. 

As you can imagine I’m a bit sluggish today. Of course it has nothing to with my WOE. So my energy levels are ok. My spirits are high. No cravings, cheats or tummy troubles. 

Today I will eat that extremely fatty brisket that I chopped up yesterday. I think I can handle the fat. On week one I tried some extremely fatty beef and I was sick beyond belief. I feel that I’m ready to take on fatty beef.

(ZC)ers Lubing it up


260/243.6/185 (weight loss)
Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):5
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Fatty Brisket, H2O

Original Stardate: 8/3/2010
I ended up eating the fatty brisket in one sitting. Well sort of. I got interrupted by my employees so many times that it took me an hour and a half to actually eat it. I wasn’t hungry for my first meal until late (about 1:30 pm. I didn’t finish it until almost 3:00 pm. I am not used to eating a lot of liquid fat. It still kind of grosses me out. Regular solid fat is another story. I can chow down like a big dog on that. But I was a good boy and made a “Happy Plate” and drank all the liquid fat. I did feel a little nausea. Nothing major. I still feel full and I cannot see how I could eat anything else today. 
If I see good results and can tolerate the extra fat, I will buy some extra fatty Beef ribs for the rest of this week (until Monday) and give the Ground Chuck and Rib eyes a break. I do believe I have been eating too lean. 

(ZC) Grease is the Word


Original Stardate 8/3/2010
Today was a good day. We had a steady flow of customers but it was not overwhelming. I was able to get on with my WOE. I always feel that weekends feel a little funny when it comes to eating. I usually get up much later than weekdays. Between 3-4 hours. By the time I wake up on a Saturday or Sunday I would have eaten my first meal of the day. 

Anyhow tummy troubles are at an all-time low. My energy seem to be returning to normal. My sister is getting married this coming weekend and guess what’s on the menu? BBQ. I think I will stop by Burger King and wolf down a couple of “buck doubles” before I reach the reception. 
No more restaurant BBQ for me. I love to backyard grill so I will be making my own for now on. 

(ZC)ers Rule


Where do I start??? OK I know, I will start with the dreaded “Melatonin” Jeez I do not remember taking it at all………..side effects from taking it??? Who knows? Hahaha!!! No I don’t endorse taking it at all. I will chalk that up to a Rookie MISTAKE!!!

OK so I put a few response to my previous post from some of the original members of ZIOH Forum. I call them my ZC Family. They always provided me with support and sometimes some Tough Love.

I vowed not to eat anymore restaurant BBQ……….well for the most part I have kept that promise. I do eat it from time to time. I still don’t trust it 100%. 

Back then I was drinking the tallow left over from the Fatty Beef Brisket that I would back in the oven. I don’t do that as much today. I don’t see anything wrong with it. It just does not attract me as it once did. Who knows I could always start that again. This Rookie was just trying to do what he thought was right for him and his health. Kudos for him………or me. Hahaha!!!

So this Rookie is planning ahead. He had a bad deal with some commercial BBQ or at least he thought so at the time and was making preparations of what to eat for the upcoming wedding reception. Some may think “what’s the big deal”, well I say “Big Deal Indeed”. Because he was at least trying to plan what was best for him and not just going with the flow. Little things grow the bigger things and sets up good if not GREAT things for the future!

So at this point he is just LISTENING to his body. Yes!!! What a concept. He is eating when he is hungry and resting as his body commands unless some for some unforeseen incidents like his dear wife’s illness. 

Have a great Zero Carb day my Family and Friends. Your body knows what’s good for you. Take all the toxins out and fill it with the food it was meant to eat. Live Long, Be Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Best day EVER



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