Monday, May 2, 2016

5/2/2016 - Blast from the Past - DAY 31

Greetings all,

I am back in action and reporting for duty.  And now another “Blast from the Past”:

Original Stardate: 7/31/2010
Hello Caitlin, I can see a difference in my weight loss most of the time if I can get enough rest. The better I sleep the more weight comes off. 

Thanks, it does seem that the stomach problems have finally subsided. 

(ZC) Winning Battles, One at a Time 


Original Stardate: 7/31/2010
This is turning out to be a good morning for me. I am almost 100% recovered from that strange feeling in my gut. My Spirits are soaring. I wish I would have slept in a little more. No cravings, no cheats thank God.

I think I may have figured out the up and downs and altogether slowdown of my weight loss. Now this is just a Hypothesis. I figure that I have not been getting enough sleep. I have mentioned this in the past. But lately I have had less sleep than usual. I am going to really try again to make an effort to sleep a little more each night (no turkey experiment). I am planning to buy some melatonin this weekend. I'm not much of a pill popper, but I have to do something. I have no idea of the effects on me. I am willing to go that step to see if I increase my sleep and to see if it aids me in my weight loss i.e. the sleep.

I do have one big bad habit of eating too many Jelly Doughnuts late at night…………..NOT (LOL). Truly, I sometimes wait until DW comes home from work around 7:30 pm and wait to eat my last meal for the day with her. Even if I’m hungry before she gets home. I will put an Ax to that practice starting Monday, since she is off the weekend. I don’t like eating late because if makes me feel uncomfortable. 

I hope that everyone has a Great (ZC) day.

(ZC) “I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” -Jimmy Dean-


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Ground Chuck, Steak, Beef Rib, H2O

A nice drop in weight, recovering from some sort of weird feeling in the tummy (gut) area. OK, now this Rookie is putting his noodle……..oops I mean brain to work. How you may ask…..well he has formed a Hypothesis. OK, now stick out your tongue and say hypothesis three times quickly…….. What the hell does that have to do with Zero Carb? Some may be wondering. I dunno it just seemed funny at the time. 

OK, back to the subject at hand. What was his hypothesis (remember three times…sorry), well it does not make a difference. Did I just confuse everyone??? The point I am making (yes there is a point) is that this rookie so emerged in his Zero Carb experience that he is actually taking time to rationalize his new lifestyle.

 It does make a difference if he was 100% or wrong, but it does make a difference that he is ENGAGED!!!

Personally I happen to agree with the idea of more sleep along with the proper Zero Carb Diet the more someone who is in need of losing weight will indeed lose more weight.  

OK, I do mention that I was going to buy some Melatonin. I really don’t remember at this point if I did or not, but we will find out later as I get to that time. I still practice not eating with DW at night unless it is just part of my eating routine for that day, but I really don’t care for late night eating. Oh, just ignore that jelly doughnut deal.

Nice to be back sharing. Have a Healthy day my Family and Friends. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er It’s Been a long Road




  1. It looks like at this stage you are on an upswing. I really admire your strength. Sara

  2. Howdy Sara, strength indeed!!! I gotta give myself a little pat on the back. I did good if not GREAT!!! Thanks for your support! Battle On!!!



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