Monday, May 23, 2016

5/23/2016 - Blast from the Past - DAY 35

 Greetings Family and Friends!

Well back to the “Back from the Past” series. I left Denis post at the top because it was very important and I wanted this information available to all who visits here. So now the saga continues with no further ado:

Original Stardate: 8/4/2010
I got some good rest last night. I slept until the alarm went off this morning. I still feel a little nauseated, which is no big deal. I still feel a bit full, but not in an uncomfortable way. I tell you, I hate not being able to describe physical feelings accurately.

My spirits are good, my energy is better, no cravings for carbs, no cheats, minor tummy troubles.

At this morning weigh-in I reached my all-time low on (ZC) at 243 lbs. This equals to a 17 lb weight loss.

Earlier this year I was on a VLC diet and went down to 235 lbs. I have set a mini goal of 234 lbs to break that record. I can’t remember clearly but I think it took me around 3 months to get to 235 lbs. Now to be fair my start weight at that time was around 270 lbs if I recollect correctly. I have no time limit. I will get there when I get there.

I won’t celebrate too hard, although I am happy, because my trend seems to go up and down on the scale. So far when all is said and done I am still losing weight.

(ZC)ers Lend me your ear


260/243.0/185 (weight loss)
Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):7
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Fatty Brisket, H2O

Original Stardate: 8/4/2010
Hi Steve, I believe I cooked it at 270. I am eating some right now as I type.

This is my first meal of today. 11:00 AM Houston time (central).

Look at all that liquid fat and chunks of regular fat. Wow, I defiantly, absolutely must have been eating too lean. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to eat my first meal of the day. I usually start to feel hunger anywhere between 6:30 AM-9:30 AM. I think I’m getting over that slight nausea I had lingering this early morning.

(ZC)ers Eating good in the Hood


Original Stardate: 8/4/2010
Another day down in my (ZC) Journey. I am amazed on how the fat I have consumed these last 2 days have satisfied my hunger and for the length of time. I took 2 portions of fatty brisket to work and only managed to eat one. The portion was a lot smaller than yesterday. 

I still like the taste of grilled Rib eyes and Ground Chuck better than the brisket. I think I will try some fatty Beef ribs after I run out of brisket. I like the taste of Beef ribs. They have a unique strong taste and I sort of like the bones.

I did have some tummy troubles tonight. I think it is the overload of fat. Well I guess it comes with the territory. 

(ZC) give that dog a Bone


Wow, looking back I can see that at this time of ZC, fat did have an impact on me. It made me nauseated. It got better with time. Also I am sure fat also contributed to my tummy troubles. 

It looks like I had a 17 lb weight loss. Not bad for just eating. No exercise, no nothing. Just eat, eat and eat again.

At this point I am learning to take my weight loss optimistically. I feel the need to take the weight loss with the big picture of overall weight loss and not just what I lose or gain on a daily basis.

It looks like my sleep is better. I did not mention the serotonin, so hopefully I stopped using it. I know I could not have been using it much because I really don't remember using. I know I wrote about it so I know I did use it for at least a short period of time.

GOOD Lord almighty!!! Look at the picture of the fatty brisket swimming in tallow. I did eat it a lot at the start of my ZC Journey. It was easy and cheap to make. I don't eat it as much, but every once in awhile I get a craving for it.

Have a Great Zero Carb day my Family and Friends. Do what's Right and Stay in the Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The Beat Goes ON



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