Wednesday, May 4, 2016

5/4/2016 - Blast from the Past - DAY 32

Greetings all,

Wow, a full month of my Zero Carb Journey has just past and on to the next one.  As promised your next installment of "Blast from the Past": 

Original Stardate: 8/1/2010
The awkward feeling in my abdomen is completely gone. My spirits are pie( oops) in the sky. No cravings for carbs, no cheats. My energy levels are very good.

We had so much fun yesterday we decided to do it again toady. Mainly the nice stroll along the Water Way, Town Center and Market Street. We had early dinner with two other couples at a BBQ restaurant. They sell the meat by the pound and you eat it on butcher paper. We shared brisket, pork ribs and turkey breast. I ate the brisket and ribs. No sauce for me. Not knowing what may have been in the spices or marinade scares me a little. One of my friends is not married and brought his long time girlfriend and she asked “Are you still on that all bacon or meat diet?” I said “No, I am not on a diet. I simply changed the way I eat.” She just laughed a little. I have to admit I did tell her I was on an "all bacon diet" a while back as a joke.

I swear it gets to the point that I don’t trust anything that I don’t cook myself (as far as hidden carbs are concerned). PARANOID!!!!!! 

I got a good deal while Hunting at Randall’s grocery store. I Bagged four huge 1 inch thick Rib eyes for 3.99lb. I was able to Bag two nice Lamb Chops in the “mark down” section. 

I went ahead and bought some melatonin. I hope this helps with my lack of sleep. I am optimistic that it will work. 

I would like to thank all of you that have provided suggestions, explanations and empathy.

(ZC)ing with Non-(ZC)ers


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Cravings: None

Today's Menu: Brisket, Steak, Pork Rib, H2O

Wow, this post reveals a whole lot of things:

  • Melatonin- it looks like I did buy some and apparently used it. I really don't remember that at all. I attribute the memory loss to the.....uh...the melatonin. Hahaha!!! 

  • At this point the that weird feeling in the gut is gone....jeez a month late and now it's gone. How long could the average Rookie last under that condition?

  • At this point I became Paranoid and suspicious of hidden carbs in foods at restaurants........well I don't think lasted too long, but heck at least I put the "radar" on full blast and I was looking out for myself. 

  • Ahhh "The All Bacon Diet", yes I have to admit I got so tired of trying to explain my new way of eating to everyone that I started to call it "the all bacon diet" to get a reaction out of them. I know........that was bad of me to do or was it???

  • Now this Rookie is starting to "Tell it like it Is", how you may ask. Well he is now calling Zero Carb a "Lifestyle" instead of diet. Good if not GREAT for him........hmm....I mean ME. Awkward!!!!
I did not post some response to "Karen and Catin" of the orginal ZIOH Forum. 

Have a wonderful Zero Carb day my Family and Friends. Battles are won daily, yet the War still Rages on. Stay in the Fight and do whats Right. Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er This is how we Do IT



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