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7/4/2016 - Blast from the Past - DAY 38

Greetings all,

I am back from vacation and ready to roll……..right? Happy 4th of July for those who celebrate it! I had 6 post for 8/7/2010. I will only post 3 of them since some were just response of no great importance. Your next installment of “Blast from the Past”:

Original Stardate 8/7/2010:
I got another good night of rest. I guess the Melatonin I have been taking must have helped. My spirits are soaring once again. No craving for carbs, no cheats, and no tummy troubles. I had another drop in weight today.

It’s about noon as I type this entry. I am a little hungry at this time and will eat some fatty brisket after I posted this entry into my Journal. I have cooked breakfast for (DW) earlier this morning: hash browns, scrambled eggs and brown and serve sausage. 
I have my sister’s wedding to go to a little later today. She will have BBQ catered. I guess if I am hungry at that time I will find what is available that is (ZC) and eat.

So far fatty beef brisket has keep me satisfied longer than any other source of protein that I have tried. I am getting a little tired of the taste but oh well. I still have a day supply left unless (DW) does not want the leaner portion. 

Tomorrow my best friend is supposed to come over to help me install a new over the range microwave oven in my kitchen. I have already began to defrost two big juicy Rib eyes. (DW) will be at work during that time. She is not a big steak fan anyway.
Time to eat and get ready for the wedding.

(ZC) Can I Get a Witness


260/240.6/185 (Weigh Loss)
Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):9
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Fatty Brisket, H2O

Original Stardate 8/7/2010:
Good question Charles, I only speak for myself. I have noticed that when I eat later at night I tend to stall or gain. If I feel a little hungry at night I simply do not eat especially right before I go to sleep. The only exception that I may make is on the weekends when I start my day much later in the day. That can be anywhere from 3-5 hours. Then, I may eat later than on a work week. I will also stay up much later on weekend nights than during a work week. I have also found out for myself that if I eat late I won’t be able to sleep until much later. 

So, I try to experiment and note with how my body reacts to what I eat, the time I eat and the rest I get. I expect that as I get closer to what should be my ideal weight, the way I eat and times may change. I will always try to adjust as necessary to keep up with the changes. That’s the beauty of journalism and taking notes. 

(ZC)ers Hear the Call


Original Stardate 8/7/2010:
Just living the Dream. My hunger is way down. The periods are longer than ever before. 

Yesterday while I was helping my sister, my other sister was also there and offered me some wine. I told her that I was not drinking alcohol at this time. She was drinking some Chardonnay. I took a small sip and could actually taste the sweetness of the wine. In the past this kind of wine did not taste sweet to me at all. Wow what a change.

We did not end up going to the reception after the weeding. We ended up driving back to The Woodlands and went to Chili‘s to eat. I had the smoke house bacon burger. I only ate the beef, cheese and bacon. I hope there is no repercussions tomorrow. 

I ran out of fatty beef brisket today. Tomorrow I will eat a big fat Rib eye. I will also shop for fatty beef ribs at HEB. They have a good selection in small packs for under $2.00 lb. I will stock up for at least three days’ worth and see how this affects my weight loss. I just love fatty beef ribs!

(ZC)er Dreamers


First of all I mention “Melatonin”……..YUKKKKKK!!!!!!!! I really don’t remember taking it at all let alone for that long. I remember thinking about taking it, but not actually taking it. Hmm……. It must be side effects from the Melatonin. Weight DROP…..ooohhh yeah baby!!! 

The Fatty Beef Brisket…….well that was a staple for me for a long time. As of late I have lost the taste for it. I dunno why. It really helped me for a long time. It was my “go to food” that help me oh so much. 

So at this time I am at Day 38. I have lost weight and went to some trials. At this point in time I still cooked my (DW)’s breakfast that consisted of some carbs. So I am facing challenges that could be a game changer for lots of folks out there. I have to say that I am proud that this Rookie stuck to his guns and did not fold. He stayed strong and continued down the path he started. 

I answered a question from Charles. I did notice if I ate late it affected my weight loss. I experimented and found it to be true. I mention that writing this Journal was a great way to reflect on how my new way of eating was effecting me. No truer words were ever spoken……….errr I mean written!

At this time my body is changing in the way I feel hunger. The periods seem to be longer between meals. 

I took a sip of wine and noticed the sweetness of it. So my taste buds are changing. I noticed that a lot as time went on. I can even taste the sweetness of water sometimes. 

I went out to eat and ate like a Zero Carb Pro!!! I probably should have ate only the beef patty and bacon and left the cheese alone. Dairy can be funny on Zero Carb when trying to lose weight. I tell everyone to stay away from it at the start of this Lifestyle change is weight loss is one of their goals. 

Have a wonderful Zero Carb Day! Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Stay True



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