Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The 1/23 experiment

Hi all!!!

Even if this group is quiet, I need to write about my recent experience and share it with the ones around.

What I want to share today is quite simple: since up to 21 days now, I have been eating only ONE BIG MEAL PER DAY.

The reason? Well even if I do well on ZC, I still needed a way to get rid of some ZC snacking needs (afternoon and night) that I was not comfortable with. As we eat “energy dense food”, having extras outside the meals is risky to put some weight on, which is certainly not what I want.

I remember going on a total fast a few years ago for 3 days, and the need for snacking immediately disappeared. But as a fast is not sustainable and surely not easy to do, you can understand this is not a solution to my problem.

So what brought this idea of having only one meal per day? Well as I knew a total fast puts down sharply insulin levels, I asked myself what could I do to create the same effect WHILE still eating.

So I got up one morning, had no breakfast as usual, survive through the afternoon with no lunch, knowing I could eat a big dinner, and there I was, ON THE FIRST EVENING, I was not looking for any snacks!!!

The dinners are big but not oversize: half a chicken or 6 lamb chops (which are my favorite), with a lot of salty butter sauce, and an espresso cup of heavy cream as a dessert. I have stayed on this menu the last 21 days and had zero need for extra food.

This has caused me to loose 14 lbs, which is an interesting “side effect”.

But, I must admit, there are some days where I feel I could have a bite in the afternoon, but NOTHING I cannot manage with drinking water. Knowing I will have my big reward dinner is enough to keep me going.

On the science side: we know that as soon as we put food in our mouth, we begin releasing INSULIN. The same happens if one just think about food or look at it – the cephalic release of insulin- but I try to avoid these situations.

Then this INSLUIN will begin degrading after a few minutes but as my dinner is maximum 30 minutes long, the overall result is all this INSULIN (related to my meal) will be out of my blood after about 1 hour.

The end result being I have LOW INSULIN levels during 23 hours of the day and this seems to be enough to kill any snacking attack. And certainly stimulate lipolysis.

I say “LOW” insulin levels because we always produce a minimum of insulin (every few minutes) even if we do NOT eat because this is the only way MACRONUTRIENTS may enter our cells.

What I would like to try, eventually, is having a big lunch instead of a big dinner and look what comes out of this. But I am only planning to try this in a few weeks and enjoy my “snacking free days” for the moment.

Of course, I have invented nothing new. You probably all have read about the “WARRIOR DIET” or “INTERMITTENT FASTING” was are both base on eating few but big meals, but I think my “1/23” SCHEDULE (1 hour feeding/ 23 hours fasting) has brought me on a new track.

Keep you posted on my progress!!!


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