Friday, November 11, 2016


Hey all!!!

Just a quick update.

I am now at DAY # 35 of eating one ZC meal a day in the evening. It is getting quite easy. Maybe the last 2-3 hours before my daily meal aren't the less unchallenging but I never imagined that I could push aside this annoying hunger feeling with so much ease. Clearly it is a great hunger control eating pattern.

I had lunch one day and I NEEDED to have dinner in the evening. I guess I am "program" to eat late in the day. But I must admit this lunch was a big ZC meal. So I still intend to try again lunch but with more normal portions of food.

Results: I now have lost over 22 lbs (of the 30 pounds I want to loose).
I sleep much better then I use to. I am full of energy!!!

So this is it.

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