Sunday, November 26, 2017

11/26/2017 - Thanksgiving Recap

Greetings all,

My Health is great, my Spirits soaring and no cravings for carbs!!!

Where to start? Where to end?

 First of all I hope that everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful occasion with family and friends.

As for me, well I have to say that it was all Great to be with the ones I care about in this world. I made on oh so wonderful oven roasted Turkey that was tender and juicy to boot!!!

I made a great side dish that was a hit with everyone. It was crumbled pan sausage with minced chicken livers. I did use some garlic and onion powder to give it some extra flavor.

I also coat my turkey with a paste made of butter mixed in with parsley, sage, rosemary and the song:

Everyone brought their favorite sides and we had a wonderful time talking, joking and laughing.

The weather was great, so we were able to sit out in the back porch and enjoy some music and a smoke for those who like tobacco.

I enjoy a nasty cigar or a puff of a pipe. I love the smell of pipe tobacco. I usually would have indulged in a glass or two of wine, but I skipped this occasion.

OK, this was just a little update. More to come soon. 

Have a wonderful day my friends and family. Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Gobble it UP



Wednesday, November 15, 2017

11/15/2017 - Non-Dairy Oopsie Roll Recipe

Greetings Friends and Family!

My Spirits are good, my Health is Great and I have no cravings for carbs!!!

So for the long awaited Non-Dairy Oopsie Roll recipe:

1. Preheat oven at 300.

2. Separate 3 eggs. Put the yolks in one bowl and the whites in the other. (stock photo)

3. With a hand mixer beat the egg whites until they are stiff enough to hold the bowl upside down without the whites falling out. You can add 1/8 tsp cream of tartar and 1/8 tsp of  backing powder if you desire. This batch did not have either. 

4. In the bowl with the yolks add three (3) ounces of any of fat. Like any cooking oil, lard, tallow, butter and so on. In the bowl below I used olive oil. I have also used mayonnaise. At this time you can add onion and or garlic powders. I sometimes use both, smells great while cooking. Mix ingredients well

IMPORTANT:Then fold in the yellow into the white about a fourth at a time. 

5. Place batter on parchment paper on a baking sheet in any shape or form your little HEART desires. 

Here I decided to form the batter into submarine style shapes. It's OK if the batter runs together (I promise).

6. Then place the cooking sheet in the oven and center it.

7. Set the oven timer to 30 minuets and let the good times roll!

8. Take them out of the oven and let them cool for a few minuets. You can separate them with a knife if any ran together. I finish cooling them on a rack. You need to let them completely cool before using. I like to pop them in the freezer for about 5 minuets after they cool a little on the rack.

9. One very IMPORTANT thing that I discovered is that you should use the bottom of the Oopsie roll on the outside and the top for the inside if you are going to make a sandwich. The tops sometimes get a little sticky on you fingers, but no problem with the bottoms. Below is a picture with the top on the top of the pic and the bottom on the bottom of the pic. The side with the stripes should be on the outside.

I used these rolls for a Chicken Salad Sandwich. I often use muffin top pans to make perfect mini burgers or sandwiches. As mentioned before you can make any shape and let your mind wonder. 

The best thing is that these are truly as close to (ZC) Zero Carb as you can get with Oopsie Rolls. Using dairy will add unnecessary carbs. I can not taste any difference between the ones with and without dairy. 

My next attempt will be to make them with Goose Fat that I saved from the Goose I cooked not too long ago.  

That's it for now. I hope you make and like the Oopsie Roll recipe.

Have a wonderful day my Friends and Family. No Surrender, No Retreat and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Breaking all the RULES



Sunday, November 12, 2017

11/12/2017 - Goat Review, if you wan to call it that.....

Greetings Friends and Family. My Spirits are high, my Health is Great and I do not have any cravings for carbs. 

Goat........yum? Yes, yum indeed!!!

Well, my first shot at making Goat crashed and burned. I marinated it and tried to grill it on the pit and while it tasted great, it was tougher than leather. Good thing I only made two pieces.

My second shot at making Goat was today. This time I made a Goat Guisado sorta speak. 

Goat Guisado Recipe

Basically I browned about 2.5 pounds of Goat pieces in  1/4 cup of oil, added 1 medium chopped onion, 6 chopped garlic cloves, a table spoon of whole black pepper corn, 1/2 table spoon of thyme and salt. After about 20 minuets I added 1 cup of red wine. Any wine will do but I used Cabernet Sauvignon. I continued to cook it on medium high for abut 20 minuets more, stirring occasionally. You need to cook it until almost all the liquid in the pan is gone. Then I added 1 liter of chicken broth (any broth will do).  I brought it up to a boil, then I lowered it to a simmer and covered it. After three hours I took the lid off and raised it to medium high again and let the liquid reduce to a thick natural sauce. At the end I sprinkled it with a little paprika for a little color. 

I have to say it was pretty good, yet though some of the meat was tender, other parts were a just little tough. Yet, it was not as tough as my first try. The Goat had a strong taste that I enjoyed. 

It looked a lot like this picture I found on the net:
Goat Guisado

I will just braise the other 2.5 pounds of Goat in salt and pepper sometime in the future. I want it just plain with the true taste of the Goat. One day I will find some young Goat and attempt a slow cook in the pit. This Goat must be much older. The leg was pretty big for it to be a young Goat. 

Coming soon: will be my alternative Oopsie Roll recipe that is as true Zero Carb as you can get. No dairy in it at all. It comes out just as good as the original recipe.

BTW, I have a whole Chicken on my showtime Jr. Rotisserie as I type. Life is good if not Great living the Zero Carb Lifestyle!!!!

Have a Great day my Friends and Family. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er What's for Dinner?



Thursday, November 9, 2017

11/8/2017 - A New and Improved Me..........or so I THINK

Greetings Friends and Family!!!

My Spirits are on the Up and UP, my Health is GREAT and I do not under any circumstances have any cravings for CARBS!!!!

OK: I have been throwing a little nostalgia in my opening post as I did in the past describing my "Spirits", "Cravings Carbs" and now my "Health". Why??? Just because, no other reason than that.

Just like any LIFESTYLE change things become normal with time and not as exciting as it was in the beginning. My new Lifestyle: "Zero Carb" is now just a day by day deal that I take for granted. 

YES: I know that there are newbies out there "IN SEARCH OF" the thing that is going to set them "RIGHT" either in a HEALTH Condition, WEIGHT Loss or just overall WELL BEING among a host of other things I have no idea about.

Hey I am no Nutty Professor, never claimed to be one and never will. I'm just a soul whose intentions are good oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood.

Hey that sounds like a song from back in the day:

The Animals "Don't let me be misunderstood"
Wow, what an appropriate name "The Animals" for this group for this ZERO CARB BLOG.

I know that I have been away for awhile and that my posts for the most part have been lately few and far apart for the last few years. For that I am truly sorry. I have tried to make some comebacks and then fizziled out because of some unforeseen event in my life. So LIFE has thrown me some curve-balls, so what........right? Even the recent attack I faced somewhere else made me a little sour about sharing. That's why I enjoy the freedom of post on my oh so little blog. I hate censorship thus the creation of this ZERO CARB BLOG. Enough said!!!

I really love the quote my little Greek Sister in Arms used to tag under her name on the original "Zeroing In On Health" aka "ZIOH".

It went something like this: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle".


So is this "Yet another Comeback", Yes, No, Maybe so. I don't know about you Folks but one of my standards in life is:


Be a Hero or a Zero:

Yo, I'm no Superman, but I can be a Hero to someone, so could you........if you really wanted to.

"She's Somebody's Hero" Jamie O'Neal

More post to come soon, including my New and Improved Oopsie Rolls and Goat review! 

Have a Great day my Friends and Family, Stay in the Fight and do what's RIGHT!!!

(ZC)er Never Say DIE



Sunday, November 5, 2017

11/5/2017 - GOAT a leg UP!!!

Greetings Friends and Family! My Spirits are sky high and I don't have any cravings for carbs!!!

GOAT a leg up: What? Really? Huh? 

W.T.F. or Wheres The Fruit???? 

Yes, it makes total sense to me!!! Hey, I wrote it and I endorse it. 

OK, enough with the double talk and on with the, with the..........where was I any way???

Oh, I remember it had something to do with Goat...mmm....Leg......


Why so excited? Because I bought a Goat Leg that weight a little over 6.5 pounds. It was imported from Australia. I had the butcher cut it up into Goat Leg Steaks.

I took a trip to Athens, Greece a few years ago and brought back a lot of spices. I read that some of those spices are also good for Goat and not just Lamb.

So, I put to nice size Goat Steaks in to a zip lock bag and put a little lemon juice, olive oil and some authentic Greek grilling spice and let it sit over night. I also spiced up some Chicken Tenders to boot.

In a couple of hours I plan to grill those bad boys on the pit and let the good times roll!

Did I say roll, as in Oopsie Roll aka Cloud Bread? Yes, I did and do I have a good one for you. 

I found a new way to make Oopsie Rolls that is oh so much more (ZC) Zero Carb friendly. Most people us some type of full Fat Dairy product to make Oopsie Rolls. Mostly Cream Cheese or Ricotta, Sour Cream and so on. Well Dairy is not the KEY.

KEY=FAT.......Yes, you only really need Fat instead of Dairy. So I experimented and.......... Well to find out what happened and how things came out, stay tuned for my next post. This post is for the Goat Leg Steaks.

Have a Great day my Friends and Family. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Break a LEG



Thursday, November 2, 2017

11/2/2017 - Something OLD yet NEW

Greetings Friends and Family!!!!

What happened yesterday? Well, my local boys aka the Houston Astros made history when they became the first franchise in MLB history to have won a pennant in both the NL and the AL, when they defeated the New York Yankees in the ALCS and went on to win The World Series!!!

What does that have to do with Zero Carb (ZC)? NOTHING!!! I thought I would just rub it in for all those LA Dodgers fans..........sorry...............not!!!

Rub? Well, now we are talking!! 

How does that relate to (ZC) you may or may not be asking yourself right this moment. Well, as most of us know "rub" or "rubs" are related in a way to a Fatty Beef Brisket...........aaahhh music to my ears!!!

OK: so I made this oh so yummy Fatty Beef Brisket last night that was tender and tasty. I deviated from my regular recipe and tried something new, yet old.

Something "NEW" yet "OLD"........jeez what the heck is Dave talking about??? I think he has sniffed his brisket too deeply!!!

Sniffed indeed!!! OK, no more comedians please. 

NEW: The Method

OLD: The Subject

LOOK IT: I usually cook my Fatty Beef Brisket in the oven on a high temp for a short time. That is my "Method" most of the time. Of course the "Subject" is as mentioned the Fatty Beef Brisket itself.

Yesterday I thought..........yes that could be dangerous........that I would change things up a little and decided to slow cook the Fatty Beef Brisket in the oven. 

First of all I cut the Brisket in half. Saving the flat end to be ground up in the near future. The I placed the meat in a glass baking dish and covered it tight with foil. I did not prick holes in it.

I set the oven temp at 275 degrees and set the timer for 3 hours. Three hours later the house smelt like HEAVEN!!!!! BUT, the meat was TOUGH!!

YIKES!!! So I extended the cooking time for another 3 hours and that did the trick. It was very tender yet a little stringy. I tried to cut against the grain, but it was a little hard to do.

I did manage to cut up most of it in somewhat more or less in slices and some I just chopped up. It was very good if not GREAT!

I have to say that all in all I was happy with the results, but I will try again in the future and play with the temperature and cooking time. I thought I would share this with you. 

More things to come soon:

NEW Oopsie Roll experiments: Really yummy with some surprising ingredients. That's it for now.

Have a great (ZC) day my friends and family. Stay Strong, Live Long and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Any time, any PLACE



Saturday, October 28, 2017

10/28/2017 - My Goose is really!

Greetings Friends and Family!!!

My Spirits are High, my Health is GREAT and I do not have any cravings for carbs!!!!

My goose is cooked????

Ahhh............can anything be easy on this blog jeezz!!!

NO, no it can'!!!!!

What does it mean "my goose is cooked" anyway??? 

Right: OK, traditionally it means:  nominally you are in big trouble but it can include you caused yourself big trouble.. It's somewhat similar in meaning to another expression: you're a dead duck.. You're goose is cooked came from the death of Jan Hus, a Czech priest in the early 14th century.



Long story.........longer......... OK, Short:

I am going to cook a Goose today!!! I really don't remember cooking a Goose before, although I have cooked my fair share of ducks in the past. 

Yes, an 11 lb goose in my oven shortly!!! I am just going to season it and cook it. That easy, that simple. Just like ME!!!!

BTW the reason I am cooking a goose today is because I got it half price at the store and I can't save it for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Or I would have saved it for one of those occasions.

Hey it's all good in the hood around here!

So what have I been up to lately? Besides work, well I have a lot of little things I am working on to improve myself.

I don't believe in sitting down on the couch watching TV will do me much good. I rarely turn the tube on these days. I love to read and learn and try to apply what I have learned. 

I am currently working on building a small workshop in my backyard. I had a setback when the HOA Nazis made me move my workshop because I was in the easement area in my own backyard. I know it was my nosey neighbors that dropped the dime on me. Then shortly after that we had the hurricane. So all of that put me behind about three months. I had to wait for the HOA to rule on my workshop. They denied it at first, then I mentioned that I could move it. It was not completely finished so I enlisted some friends and we moved it. It was a total bitch moving it, but we made it happen.

Waiting for the ruling from the HOA and finally getting enough help to move the building knocked the winds out of my sails. I had a plan with a time table and now everything is screwed up. That's OK...........I guess. I just need to get back right on track, wait that reminds me of a song:
Right Back on TRACK........The Breakfast Club



Hahahaha, I crack myself up or do I? Yes, yes I do!

Love it, Like it, it really does not matter to me. I am just living and loving my:

Zero Carb LIFE!!! 

Have a great day my Friends and Family. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Goose it UP



Thursday, August 31, 2017

8/31/2017 - I SURVIVED or did I

Greetings Family and Friends,

My Spirits and up and I have no cravings for carbs! Yes, a Blast from the Past..........Hmmm sounds like a good title for a series of future posts :-) 

If anyone has been following the news they would have noticed that Texas has got their butt handed to them (us) by the Late Great Hurricane Harvey. Jeez what a name for a Hurricane. 

I live just north of Houston in an area called The Woodlands Township better know just as The Woodlands. We got tons and tons of rain, More than any Hurricane in recent or past history. 

I have a lot of Family and Friends in the surrounding area. Some did better than others. My bosses house and vehicles were a total loss, his neighbor drowned in his own house. I believe he was an older gentleman that was wheelchair bond and was not able to get off the floor. 

How about Dave??? Well, I have to say that I, by the Grace of God, fared very well. Although at times I thought we were going to flood because of the non stop heavy rains, we were fortunate to stay dry. A couple of doors down from me a rather large tree toppled into the street. A crew came by and chopped it up pretty fast. I have some oh so giant pine trees in my backyard and was weary that one might fall over onto my house. I was very fortunate that they stood in place. I did not lose power. The subdivision south of me was under an evacuation notice and I thought we would be next. Then finally yesterday we got a much needed break in the rain. 

Before the storm I stocked up on eggs and assorted meats. I ate well during that time. I cooked up some chicken thighs, hamburger patties, pork spareribs, meatloaf, lots of bacon among other things. 

So, did I survive.............yes, Yes I did. 

Have a great day my Family and Friends. Be Strong, Live Long and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Survivor



Monday, August 21, 2017

8/21/2017 - Good Day Sunshine..........

Greetings Friends,

Wow, I was on a rooftop of a parking garage with my special glasses and to look at the eclipse. It was blocked by 66%, not too shabby. My (DW) was all excited about the whole deal and asked me to buy some Solar shades for the event. I got an OK deal on amazon. 

So, what does this have to do with (ZC)???? Well........ the sun blinded me because I did not read the instructions and the rays went past my eyes and strait to my brain and now I have a craving for doughnuts. Damned malfunctioning solar shades!!! Yeah right! Yes, another oh so weak attempt to make a funny. Sad!

Well, I did manage to get the "Before" and "After" pictures of myself back up on the homepage of the blog. I am just not ready to tackle the rest of the blog. I did notice here and there the pics are still there. I must have uploaded them directly. I am just not in the mood to go page by page to find all the pics that need to be replaced right now. I have lots on my plate at the moment. No I am not talking about a yummy Rib eye lol!!! 

Just lots of issues on the home front. It can be real consuming. Hey, I am really not complaining. All in all things are good if not great! I  just have some changes that I am getting used to and tons of home projects that need to be started let alone completed. 

All is well on the (ZC) front. I made some really great burgers on my new "GrillGrates". They are just heaven on gas grills. No flare ups and the taste is from out of the world!!! I can use them both on my mini grill and my larger grill. Best investment in a long time.

I can't wait til it cools down so I can  go fishing with my buddy. It is way too hot for me to be out there. My buddy is trying to talk me into an overnight trip, but that will have to wait for at least another month or so. It is a bit too muggy at night for me. 

Be Strong, Live Long and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Chilling and Grilling



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

For a good laugh!!!

Hi all!!!

If you have not watch this video available on YouTube and you want to have a good laugh, it is a must.



When I realised the only result of all the medical test they could show us HAD NOTHING TO DO with eating meat, I got really mad.

The "anti-gliadin sigA" (a FECAL immunology test) result shown is for detecting celiac disease / gluten intolerance. It is in no way related to risk of cardiac disease.

They probably couldn't show the lipid profile because I am sure it was 100% NORMAL... 

This guy looks healthy like an horse and is certainly not overweight!!!

I will not make further comments...





Friday, August 11, 2017

8/11/2017 - Held for Ransom.......

Greetings all,

I feel good if not Great! No cravings for carbs and my Spirits are Soaring!!!

OK, so I noticed last month that all if not most of my pics are gone. Jeez, WTF, or Wheres the Fruit!!!! 

Yes, in all it's wisdom Photobucket decided to start charging for hosting pics. OK, so after years and years of providing a free service they decided to charge??? 

What a scam. Like me, thousands of users of this formerly free service are stuck like chuck. They well know it would be oh so hard for me and others to go back and reinsert hundreds if not thousands of photos in various pages on someones blog or website. 

I am sure as to Hell, oops sorry for the language but I am mad, am not going to pay any ransom for my pictures to be hosted there. I will have to find an alternative. It will take a long, long time for me to go all the way back to page one of my blog and reinsert all the pics. I may not even know exactly what was there. 

What a fine mess INDEED!!!

Well, I know that at the start of this post I said I was fine, but I did have an accident last month that I am almost fully recovered. I was changing the U-Joints on one of my vehicles and smashed my thumb with a 4 lb sledge hammer by accident. It could have been much worse, but by the Grace of God I did minimal, yet painful damage. It still hurts, but the pain is almost gone.

OK: so now I am the hunt for a Photobucket alternative, one day this blog will back to as close to 100% as possible. I don't post much now a days, but it is the only full Journal still available from the former original Zeroing In On Health Forum. So, I will make an effort to do what I can to give back to those who inspired me so much when I started to change my Lifestyle to Zero Carb.

Have a wonderful day! Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!

(ZC)er No Surrender, No Retreat



Friday, May 12, 2017

5/12/2017 - Keep this Frequency CLEAR

Greetings my Zero Carb Family and Friends,

I gotta tell ya that I am in Rib eye Heaven!!! Yes, I am. Hmmm... let me see, yes I am humming a little song or jingle of some sorts:

Rib eyes in the morning,

Rib eyes in the evening,

Rib eyes at supper time,

Be my little Rib eye.

And I'll love you all the time.

OK, I made some oh so necessary adjustments to the song. 

Dave has went off the deep end! 

Deep end indeed!!! I told ya that I  bought a nice stash of Rib eyes for $2.97 lb and I have to say they are some of the best Rib eyes I have ever tasted. They have outstanding marbling. I mean I just pan fried one last night and my (DW) took it away from me and ate half as I stood by drooling. Jeez........  She said she felt bad taking my food away, but at the end of the day she enjoyed it and I got some too. It's all good here. 

Yes, and now for my next Wacky Experiment............not!!! Yes, I will be enjoying my stash of Rib eyes for a little while. My next hunt will be to find some decent Beef Ribs. Or should I say the Elusive Beef that sound like that dude on The Deadlist Catch........."The Elusive King Crab"......... and so on. 

Hmm.........King Crab.........yes with tons of melted butttahhh. Shoot I'll be happy with some good ole Snow Crab. Wow, now I have it: Surf and Turf. Rib eyes and Snow Crab smothered in Butttahh. 

Does anyone know of some Crab on sale??? Any kind will do!

First Rib eyes, then Beef Ribs and now Crab. I think my head is spinning. 

Now what to eat tomorrow? I have some pan Sausage in the freezer that needs eating. I need to get some Bacon. I love to cook Bacon and then fry my eggs in the grease. Yum!!! OK: Sausage Omelet with Bacon on the side. Yes, that will fill the bill for my first meal of the day. 

Sorry for the gibberish, but what the hey! 

So what's up for the weekend? Tomorrow I have an obligation. I was thinking of going to Rudy's BBQ to Meat up with some fellow (ZC)ers, but I can't get out of the obligation. Hey there will always be another time.

Sunday my siblings want to take my Mom out to an Italian restaurant. OK, a (ZC)er in an Italian restaurant. Hooray....not!!! Since (ZC) I avoid those eating establishments like the plague. Some might say: "they have grilled chicken breast" or "they have grill Pork Chops"........ well I am not a big fan of Chicken Breast. If I have them on rare occasions I make Chicken Salad out of them. I like Pork Chops, but I rather eat them elsewhere. 

OK y'all just stretching the ole fingers here. Just chilling from the last experiment and enjoying LIFE.

Have a wonderful day and weekend! Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er And the Beat Goes ON



Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5/10/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 15

Greetings all,

This is it!! The wait is over! Drum Roll PLEAS!!!!

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1   = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs,loss, current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)
DAY 2   = (2.0) = 02.0 lbs, loss, current weight: 173.0 lbs (talk to me)
DAY 3   = (1.0) = 03.0 lbs loss, current weight: 172.0 lbs (keep it coming)
DAY 4   = (0.5) = 03.5 lbs loss, current weight: 171.5 lbs (oh my)
DAY 5   = (0.5) = 04.0 lbs loss, current weight: 171.0 lbs (yeah baby)
DAY 6   = (1.0) = 05.0 lbs loss, current weight: 170.0 lbs (this is how we do it)
DAY 7   = (3.0) = 08.0 lbs loss, current weight: 167.0 lbs (not so fast)
DAY 8   = (0.5) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (not bad)
DAY 9   = (0.0) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (THE WALL)
DAY 10 = (0.5) = 09.0 lbs loss, current weight: 166.0 lbs (push forward)
DAY 11 = (0.5) = 09.5 lbs loss, current weight: 165.5 lbs (record low)
DAY 12 = (1.0) = 10.5 lbs loss, current weight: 164.5 lbs (record low 2)
DAY 13 = (1.0) = 11.5 lbs loss. current weight: 163.5 lbs (record low 3)
DAY 14 = (0.5) = 12.0 lbs loss, current weight: 163.0 lbs (record low 4)
DAY 15 = (0.5) = 12.5 lbs loss, current weight: 162.5 lbs (record low 5 ta da!!)


Yes, it was an Experiment Folks, no more, no less. OK, I am not going to go there.

How do you feel Dave??? I feel rather good if not GREAT!!!! Considering the circumstances of having an injured foot, being on medication and some unfortunate undo stress. All came out fine.

What will you do next Dave? Hmm........... lets see what mischief I can get myself into next. Just joking or am I?

Well, yesterday I went shopping and bought two large packages of Rib eye steaks @ $2.97 lb. Each steak weight a little over a pound each. YUUUUMMMM!!!!!!

Jeez what to do with those steaks............I just don't know. Right?

I Tell You What: After all those eggs I am ready for a little change. I have plenty of Oak Lump Coal begging to be FIRED UP! Along with a nice variety of wood chips that would be rather angry if they did not get some action too. Hahaha!!!

It actually felt good if not Great posting daily. It felt like old times in a sense. I gotta tell ya that starting my original ZIOH Journal was very Exciting, Challenging and a bit Scary at the very beginning.

I was a NOOB aka NEWBIE. I had to be careful what I said for the most part until I got some experience. I totally agree with that, because you don't want someone giving advice to others when they have don't fully understand what's going on.

Yet, the easiest thing for me to do was to try to follow the Purest Path. I did for the most part, but as time went on I start to experiment with other accepted Zero Carb foods and some that were a little more controversial. I know that Coffee has been frowned upon as well as Dairy. Although Dairy is more widely accepted to me and most other Zero Carb sites or groups. Ah, but we are not following the Core: Dink Water when thirsty and Eat Meat when Hungry. Yes, we walk GREY or GRAY LINES. 

That's OK.........or is it???

I often ask myself "could I become a true PUREST??? Yes I do like talking to myself don't ya know lol? 

I think I could be a Purest, but could I really do it Life Long. I really don't know. There is a large variety of meats out there that are oh so yummy. But still, no eggs........OK eggs are not a big deal at the moment (I wonder why), but I do enjoy some easy over eggs running all over some pan sausage, bacon or my FAVORITE Barbacoa! YUM to the 10th degree!!!

In the past I would tell myself: "food is just fuel, food is just fuel, food is just fuel" and so on. Jeez why does it have to taste so freaking good if not Great? Darn taste buds!

So, where do I go now? Back to eating doughnuts, Twinkies or putting Dunking Doughnuts out of business............yes it's a JOKE! 

Lighting up a little! I love humor folks, yes I do. My humor is my it, hate really does not matter.

Look-It: Most bullies are just COWARDS when they are out of their element.  Don't ever let Someone Shut - You - Down! 

Stand up for yourself! Be Strong, Be Confident and most of all:

Brave- Sara Bareilles

That's it for now my family and friends. It's been fun and challenging all at the same time. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!




Tuesday, May 9, 2017

5/9/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 14

Howdy all,

We are down the stretch and the results continuing to mount up:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1   = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs,loss, current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)
DAY 2   = (2.0) = 02.0 lbs, loss, current weight: 173.0 lbs (talk to me)
DAY 3   = (1.0) = 03.0 lbs loss, current weight: 172.0 lbs (keep it coming)
DAY 4   = (0.5) = 03.5 lbs loss, current weight: 171.5 lbs (oh my)
DAY 5   = (0.5) = 04.0 lbs loss, current weight: 171.0 lbs (yeah baby)
DAY 6   = (1.0) = 05.0 lbs loss, current weight: 170.0 lbs (this is how we do it)
DAY 7   = (3.0) = 08.0 lbs loss, current weight: 167.0 lbs (not so fast)
DAY 8   = (0.5) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (not bad)
DAY 9   = (0.0) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (THE WALL)
DAY 10 = (0.5) = 09.0 lbs loss, current weight: 166.0 lbs (push forward)
DAY 11 = (0.5) = 09.5 lbs loss, current weight: 165.5 lbs (record low)
DAY 12 = (1.0) = 10.5 lbs loss, current weight: 164.5 lbs (record low 2)
DAY 13 = (1.0) = 11.5 lbs loss. current weight: 163.5 lbs (record low 3)
DAY 14 = (0.5) = 12.0 lbs loss, current weight: 163.0 lbs (record low 4)

So there you go folks. One more day to go!!! Hmm.........yes I was thinking of something clever to say, then it slipped my mind. Go figure???

Ya gotta have a little humor my family and friends. So many folks out there are so bitter and dry. I choose to be understanding, friendly and helpful as much as I can. It really becomes second nature to me. 

I have mentioned before that in my distant past that I had been in situations that an action novel could have be written. I'm talking about some really tense situations where a wrong decision could have meant the loss of life or limb. No joke. That is why when I say to people who are attacking me: "if you really knew me, you would not speak to me that way". Unfortunately some folks mistake kindness for weakness.

Those days are oh so in the past and I thank the Lord everyday that I am safe and my former team is safe and although we got banged up pretty bad sometimes, we made it through some precarious situations in one piece. That life is so far removed it seems like another lifetime. Yes, I have been reincarnated into a (ZC)er!!!

These days I choose to be supportive, positive and good natured. I really enjoying helping others no matter the situation. When you get help from me, you get the best that I can offer, no-holds-barred!!! That is who I am and will always be for the rest of my LIFE!!!!!

Amen Brother Dave!!! Yet another "soap box" moment don't ya know? Hahaha!!!

That brings a song to mind:

I'll be there for you by The Rembrandts

Love the song, not the show "Friends". Never watched a single episode. It was not my cup of tea. Yes, Tea is OK on a (ZC) Lifestyle as long as it is plain. Unless, that is, if you are a purest. 

One day left on this Challenge!!! Lets see what tomorrow brings!

Have a great day my family and friends. Keep On, Keeping On and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Just Reach OUT



Monday, May 8, 2017

5/8/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 13

Greetings all,

Another record low for me! My spirits and energy are in FLIGHT and my foot pain is gone!!!

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1   = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs,loss, current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)
DAY 2   = (2.0) = 02.0 lbs, loss, current weight: 173.0 lbs (talk to me)
DAY 3   = (1.0) = 03.0 lbs loss, current weight: 172.0 lbs (keep it coming)
DAY 4   = (0.5) = 03.5 lbs loss, current weight: 171.5 lbs (oh my)
DAY 5   = (0.5) = 04.0 lbs loss, current weight: 171.0 lbs (yeah baby)
DAY 6   = (1.0) = 05.0 lbs loss, current weight: 170.0 lbs (this is how we do it)
DAY 7   = (3.0) = 08.0 lbs loss, current weight: 167.0 lbs (not so fast)
DAY 8   = (0.5) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (not bad)
DAY 9   = (0.0) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (THE WALL)
DAY 10 = (0.5) = 09.0 lbs loss, current weight: 166.0 lbs (push forward)
DAY 11 = (0.5) = 09.5 lbs loss, current weight: 165.5 lbs (record low)
DAY 12 = (1.0) = 10.5 lbs loss, current weight: 164.5 lbs (record low 2)
DAY 13 = (1.0) = 11.5 lbs loss. current weight: 163.5 lbs (record low 3)

How do you like them apples.......oops I mean Pork Skins? Hahaha!!!! Yes, a laugh of a madman one might say Half man Half Egg.

I can almost tap dance........hmm......not a bad idea!!! No really the foot pain is gone. Now if I find the spot and push down really, really hard, then it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.......or does it???

Look-It: This 30 Day Challenge now actually 15 Day Challenge is not a cake walk........oops x2 I mean a can of peaches.......oops x3......... I mean a drumstick, yes safe with that one!!! It is not for the weak of heart I gotta tellya. Yet, it was challenging for me and that's OK. Some folks like to push it, some don't and at the end of the day it really does not matter. 

We all have to do things at our own pace, but I like to kick things around and stir up the juices........ OK, pause not required on that one. 

So there you go! I am oh so happy with the results thus far and have two (2) more days to go!!!

Have a great day my zero carb family and friends. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er At Your SIDE



Sunday, May 7, 2017

5/7/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 12

Greetings family and friends,

Yet another record low for me! My spirits and energy are soaring and my foot pain is almost gone!!!

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1   = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs,loss, current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)
DAY 2   = (2.0) = 02.0 lbs, loss, current weight: 173.0 lbs (talk to me)
DAY 3   = (1.0) = 03.0 lbs loss, current weight: 172.0 lbs (keep it coming)
DAY 4   = (0.5) = 03.5 lbs loss, current weight: 171.5 lbs (oh my)
DAY 5   = (0.5) = 04.0 lbs loss, current weight: 171.0 lbs (yeah baby)
DAY 6   = (1.0) = 05.0 lbs loss, current weight: 170.0 lbs (this is how we do it)
DAY 7   = (3.0) = 08.0 lbs loss, current weight: 167.0 lbs (not so fast)
DAY 8   = (0.5) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (not bad)
DAY 9   = (0.0) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (THE WALL)
DAY 10 = (0.5) = 09.0 lbs loss, current weight: 166.0 lbs (push forward)
DAY 11 = (0.5) = 09.5 lbs loss, current weight: 165.5 lbs (record low)
DAY 12 = (1.0) = 10.5 lbs loss, current weight: 164.5 lbs (record low 2)

Sorry for the late post today. I have been posting responses to the comments. I wanted to give quality answers to the comments with meaningful answers. I appreciate the support that I have received on the blog as well as through my email concerning the incident. 

OK, I really want to move on from the past. As my dear departed Dad used to say "Leave the past in the past". I truly believe in that statement as long as we remember any mistakes in the past so we do not repeat them if possible. 

One good lesson to learn is that living the purest tract of Zero Carb is really the best of all worlds. We can get bored with the meat and water routine and start going after other Animal Kingdom Zero Carb foods, but it is not the CORE of Zero Carb.

Worst, it is easy to start making "Frankenfoods", that simulate old carb favorites. For some this can lead you down the path of NO RETURN.

Alright then: So it looks like the Challenge is going its path. I am just along for the ride. I have a Big Announcement.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT(haha): I am going to cut this 30 Day Challenge to 15 Days........WHY???

WHY: Well to tell the truth I started this Challenge thinking I was ten pounds heavier than I was because of the scale. I am actually content with the weight loss so far, but I will continue for DAY 15 then stop. I would say I am sorry, but why? I am happy with the results thus far and there you go!!!

So three (3) more days to see the results and back to a normal Zero Carb Lifestyle. Yes, I will be drowning in Rib eyes hahaha!!! Actually tomorrow I will buy several packages of of Bone-in Rib-eyes. I found them on sale for an incredible $2.97 a pound!!! I did not see a limit so I will see how many I can buy.

I know I said to leave the past in the past, but after some thought....yes I can think.......I really want to let bygones be bygones. I hold no ILL WILL to anyone over there..... I mean anyone. Yes, I even mean the "ill mouthed" noobs and any of the vets. I will pray for them and I hope they will pray for me. That is who I am. Now and Forever.

Do I hear a song? Yes I did:

Ain't No Stopping Us Now

Those lyrics are so true in many ways!!!!

My Zero Carb Sisters, Brothers and Friends: enjoy the rest of your day, afternoon, night or morning. Where every you are in the word I bid you well.

Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!


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