Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2/28/2017 - The New Deal

Greetings from MARS..........

Mars he said? Mars INDEED!!!

Riddle me this: What came first? The Chicken or the Egg?

Ahhh............the old twist or is it? No twist here, just a clue or am I being cryptic???

What in the heck is he talking about this time??? 

Who said that.........umm........it must be Terry aka Cyber Mom. 

Look it: I want to mix it up a little.........mix it up? Hmm...another clue. Yes, my dear Family and Friends another clue indeed!!!

What is this all leading to, you may think. Alright, it is leading to my next EXPERIMENT!!! Don't ya just love experiments??? I know I do, yes I do.

Dave can you give some more clues? 

OK, I am a nice guy and I don't mind giving up a little more of this golden opportunity.......ohhh.......yet another clue.

Jeez, I am practically giving it all up, well let me color you a picture of what is..........darn, yet another clue.

OK then, I better stop before this all boils over into...........oops....another clue.

Timeout: no more clues at this time.......ha, no clue there. See, I was testing to see if you were paying attention. 

And now for the Rest of the Story: At this time I am doing what I call a "Warm Up" to the Experiment. I am cautiously testing it out a little. Ya know, like kicking the tires of a car that you may be interested in buying. I am also reading a little more on it and making sure that I understand fully (or to the best of my knowledge) what I am getting myself into.

Have wonderful Zero Carb day my Family and Friends. We win Battles everyday, yet the War still rages On!!! 

(ZC)er Reporting for DUTY



Saturday, February 25, 2017

2/25/2017 Better than it ever was.....

Greetings, greetings all.....

Wow, does it feel good if not GREAT to be back blogging. Ah blogging indeed!!!

I always refer to this as posting, but blogging it is.........I guess?

Ha! Or should I say "To Be or not to Be?" Well.................TO BE!!!

OK: Now that's what I am talking about don't ya know?!?!

Look It: I am enjoying some outstanding weather here in The Woodlands Texas or our official name "The Woodlands Township". I mean I have sunny blue skies, cool breezy 71 degree temperatures. I wish I was fishing don't ya know!!!

I am sitting on the back open porch enjoying the beautiful day after a great meal of Lamb kebabs made with some Greek herbs I brought back from Athens a couple of years ago. I marinaded the Lamb with a little lemon juice and Greek Olive Oil that I also brought back from Greece. I cooked the Lamb over Oak Lump Coal on a medium Weber grill on the back porch. I drank a little wine (two glasses) with my meal and all is good my Friends and Family. Wow, does life get better than this???

Yes, it does........because now I am enjoying a nice pipe of espresso flavored tobacco in my Churchwarden Corn Cob pipe!!! I thought I would mix it up a little and go back and forth between pipes and cigars. Wow.........yes WOW indeed!!!

I just love the smell of pipe tobacco........yes I do!

OK y'all, I am starting off slow, but steady......I hope. I just hate disappearing and coming back just to disappear again. At the moment all is getting better for me and I hope it stays that way. So for now I will say "until next time" and I promise it will be soon. I am cooking up some experiments that I will unleash shortly.

I can't much about it now because it is in the planning stages, but it will come sooner than later. I hope everyone is enjoying their day or night depending on where you are at the moment. 

Have a great Zero Carb day my Family and Friends! Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er You Ain't Seen Nothing YET



Thursday, February 23, 2017

2/23/2017 - Welcome to a New Start

Greetings Friends and Family,

Nice to be back! I hope everyone had a great 2016 holiday season and a very Happy 2017 New Year!!!

I have written in the past that I don't deal well with death. Back in July of 2016 I was writing my "Blast from the Past Series". Then it abruptly stopped. That is the month that I was informed that my Father-in-law had advanced cancer. I really took it hard. My In-laws have been living with me since 2009. I have grown very attached to them. My Father-in-law fought as hard as an 88 year old can fight with the condition he was in. At the end of the day he passed away the Friday before Thanksgiving.

I was torn. I miss him very much. He was a kind gently soul that never asked for anything and always tried to do his best for everyone according to his ability. He always greeted my family and friends with deep respect and friendliness. They all were saddened whit the news of his death. They all attended his funeral and gave my family lots of support.

OK: time to move forward. Time to put my mourning behind me and deal with everyday life. I will always miss my Father-in-law as I miss my own Father who passed away many years ago.

I plan to start back up my "Blast from the Past" series. For 2017 I plan to do some Zero Carb Experiments. Yes, back to some of my old ways. Speaking about experiments look at my partner in crime Denis. He has brought us many good if not GREAT experiments as well as some informative information on all things Zero Carb. I am really Grateful for his contributions to this blog.

I wish all my Zero Carb Sisters and Brothers Great Health and Good Spirits!!! Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The Best is Yet to COME


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