Friday, March 10, 2017

Denis's total fast Day #4

Hello all!!!

Well I guess I discovered last night 3 days is the maximum I can do a total fast. And it is NOT because I was hungry...

I am suffering from a problem called "Restless Leg Syndrome" which can be a nightmare of pain in the legs in the evenings and nights....

With a ZC diet eating mainly fresh lamb, chicken and fish + butter and cream, the RLS pain had DISSAPEARED since a long time.

But this is my second experience with total fast and each time in the night of Day#3, the leg pain comes back in full.  So last night, as the pain was out of control and there was nothing I could do to calm it down, at 10 pm, I decided to have a regular ZC meal. AND I REPEAT IT: I WAS NOT HUNGRY.....!!!

I knew this could happen and the explanation is simple: total fast has many main effects on the body hormonal system, reducing insulin, increasing growth hormone, BUT also increasing ADRENALINE levels (keeping your metabolsim going), which explains this HIGH a lot of folks get on total fast.

Except that adrenaline is conterproductive for the lacking dopamine, the basic pathology of the RLS.

So I guess I will have to plan a total fast of 2 days maximum with some refeeding days. I was thinking of 2 days FAST periods followed by 3 days of refeeding on a ZC menu.

Anyway, I lost 6 pounds with this experience and even if I had a ZC meal last night, the weight is still off this morning!!!

So I guess Intermittent Fasting is on the program for me but with a possible longer fasting schedule.

Zero Carb has really help me a lot with many health issues and improved my quality of life but I am convince I need to find the perfect feeding schedule to get even more benefits... and these last extra lbs off...!!!!

Keep you posted.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Denis's total fast day #3

Hi all!!!

I will be honest and admit the evening of day# 3 was a nightmare.

I had some light lower back pain during the day and decided to have a Tylenol. The pain was gone after one hour and the day was going fairly good.

Then, "bang", in the middle of the evening, I felt tense and it seemed only food could calm me down.

I was not really hungry; I just wanted to eat to calm down this tension I was feeling.

I went for a walk; no result. I had a hot shower; no result.

Then I remembered reading that having some salty broth could help. But I decided to have only warm salted water. Result? It calmed me down.

Maybe my body was asking for some minerals???

Anyway, here I am beginning Day # 4 of this journey.... sort of scared of what my evening will bring...

Weight in now down for a total of 6.6 lbs, another extra 1.6 lbs less then yesterday.

Many thanks for the comments!!!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Denis's total fast day #2

Hi all!!!

If you remember, a few months ago, I was having problems getting rid of "these last extra pounds" even if I was eating "TWO ZC meals per day". This is when I tried to do a "ONE ZC meal regiment a day", eating once in the evening and fasting the other 23 hours which was, at the end, an "intermittent fasting" way of eating (IF).

I had great success then, putting weight off, but a long flight with severe jet-lag consequences broke my routine and I never could go back "on my one meal per day" way of eating that I maintained for 6 weeks.

I was sort of upset about this and did some research to discover it was probably time for me to go on a "TOTAL FAST regiment", a way of doing a RESET of my metabolism.

The idea of not eating at all scared my in the beginning because as many of us, hunger is an emotion I do not handle well. But in my readings, I founded the testimony of one guy doing a total fast and it was enough to convince me to give it a try. He was saying:

"I came to realize hunger pangs are short-lived and pass quickly, making it very doable".

So here I am, at Day #2 of a TOTAL FAST.

I feel quite relax, and have already lost 5.0 lbs of the 25 lbs I want to loose.

Hunger sensations do come, here and there, but nothing I cannot deal with. A little sip of sparkling water seems to be enough to kill it.

I sleep much better, I do not feel weak at all, and I am very positive about this experiment.

My readings taught me the first 3 days of any TOTAL fast are the worst. Well I am at Day # 2 and if it stays like this, it should not be too difficult to continue.

I have to admit choosing a quiet moment of my life to embark on this total fast and everyone around me were told not to stress me with unimportant stuff. I know this is an essential requirement for me for succeed.

So I am quite excited and, of course, will keep you all posted.


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