Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Denis's total fast day #2

Hi all!!!

If you remember, a few months ago, I was having problems getting rid of "these last extra pounds" even if I was eating "TWO ZC meals per day". This is when I tried to do a "ONE ZC meal regiment a day", eating once in the evening and fasting the other 23 hours which was, at the end, an "intermittent fasting" way of eating (IF).

I had great success then, putting weight off, but a long flight with severe jet-lag consequences broke my routine and I never could go back "on my one meal per day" way of eating that I maintained for 6 weeks.

I was sort of upset about this and did some research to discover it was probably time for me to go on a "TOTAL FAST regiment", a way of doing a RESET of my metabolism.

The idea of not eating at all scared my in the beginning because as many of us, hunger is an emotion I do not handle well. But in my readings, I founded the testimony of one guy doing a total fast and it was enough to convince me to give it a try. He was saying:

"I came to realize hunger pangs are short-lived and pass quickly, making it very doable".

So here I am, at Day #2 of a TOTAL FAST.

I feel quite relax, and have already lost 5.0 lbs of the 25 lbs I want to loose.

Hunger sensations do come, here and there, but nothing I cannot deal with. A little sip of sparkling water seems to be enough to kill it.

I sleep much better, I do not feel weak at all, and I am very positive about this experiment.

My readings taught me the first 3 days of any TOTAL fast are the worst. Well I am at Day # 2 and if it stays like this, it should not be too difficult to continue.

I have to admit choosing a quiet moment of my life to embark on this total fast and everyone around me were told not to stress me with unimportant stuff. I know this is an essential requirement for me for succeed.

So I am quite excited and, of course, will keep you all posted.



  1. Wow Denis a total fast!!! How long do you plan to fast? I assume when you lose the 25 lbs or is that too long. Good luck my Friend!!! Battle On!!!

    1. I have no idea how long I will fast. The plan is to reach the total loss of 25 lbs but it is easier to say then to do. Time will tell.


  2. I don't like hunger pangs. I wish I could try this, but I don't think I would make it past the first day. Hang in there and let us know your results. Marcus

    1. I understand your concern. I was thinking like you a year ago when I went on a Intermittent Fasting regimen with one meal per day, eating for 1 hour and fasting the other 23. This made me discover how I exaggerated my fear of hunger. I think if you are relax and not stress out, you may tolerate hunger. But as soon as any little stress comes in your daily routine, via CORTISOL, it may be difficult to fight with people having a past of being overweight. Anyway, this total fast is a new and unknow world for me and I will try to deal with whatever comes up.




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