Sunday, April 30, 2017

4/30/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 5

Howdy y'all!

Still standing for another day. My Spirits and Energy are a bit better. I went through a lot yesterday, but more on that in a for the good stuff:

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1 = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs,loss, current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)
DAY 2 = (2.0) = 02.0 lbs, loss, current weight: 173.0 lbs (talk to me)
DAY 3 = (1.0) = 03.0 lbs loss, current weight: 182.0 lbs (keep it coming)
DAY 4 = (0.5) = 03.5 lbs loss, current weight: 171.5 lbs (oh my)
DAY 5 = (0.5) = 04.0 lbs loss, current weight: 171.0 lbs (yeah baby)

I got to tell ya that my foot really started to hurt later in the evening yesterday. Then by luck I found this foot medical boot that I had years ago that has a pump to inflate air pockets around the foot. It was like a miracle. I limped with it on for awhile and did not feel much pain. This morning my foot's pain was not too bad. I did not take the pain medication so far today.

Another thing about yesterday was my meals. Well I should say meal. Why? Because I only had one. It was not intentional. I ended up at my sister's house where my Mom lives. I ended up hanging out with her and my niece and nephews. I had not seen them in awhile and felt like visiting. I stayed a lot later than I had planned. My sister offered me some food, but I told her about my 30 Challenge. In retrospect I should have asked her to make me some boiled eggs and I am sure she has some mayonnaise. I thought I would hold out until I got home. Well she lives almost an hour away and by the time I got home and settled down was almost midnight and I was really sleepy, so I decided to skip the meal and go to sleep.

I ate my first meal today at 11:00 am. I really enjoyed it very much. So far so good.

OK y'all that is it for now and I will post again tomorrow morning. I am going strong and will not quit.

Have a great day. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Roll with the PUNCHES



Saturday, April 29, 2017

4/29/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 4

Greetings family and friends,

Still rocking! That's what I'm talking about don't ya know!!!

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1 = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs, loss current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)
DAY 2 = (2.0) = 02.0 lbs, loss current weight: 173.0 lbs (talk to me)
DAY 3 = (1.0) = 03.0 lbs, loss current weight: 172.0 lbs (keep it coming)
DAY 4 = (0.5) = 03.5 lbs, loss current weight: 171.5 lbs (Oh my)

OMG, today was a test indeed!!! I really wanted to eat at the resort today. But I Stood Strong my good friends. I had a few cups of plain black java and that was it. I had a blast hanging out with my Mom just talking about everything under the sun.

Was I tempted: No.................OK YES, so what? Ha!!! I have to admit I was thinking that I could just start over on Sunday, then I thought why throw away the progress that I have already made. This brought me down to earth..........I guess like Major Tom. Who is that? Well there are two version of his story. This is the one I like:

              Major Tom

Yes, I do feel hungry, but not in a bad way. Nothing overwhelming. Just again that tiny empty feeling in the gut. Nothing that I can't overcome. As of this post I have had only my first meal of the day. I don't want to eat my second meal too early.

On my way to pick up my Mom I had a large Iced tea from McDonald's. I was thirsty due to my medication and I did not feel like drinking water. It was nice and cold and quenched my thirst. 

I forgot to put my "Menu" on the last update post, but it will basically be the same everyday. OK y'all, I am entertaining my Mom and I need to go. I have decided not to post a "Supplemental" post on the weekends. So this is it until tomorrow.

B: Plain black coffee, Plain iced tea & H20
1st meal: 2 boiled eggs and 2 Tb of Mayo
2nd meal2 boiled eggs and 2 Tb of Mayo

Have a great day my family and friends. No Surrender, No Retreat and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er I’ll meet you on the other Side



Friday, April 28, 2017

4/28/2017 - 30 Day Challenge Day 3 - Supplemental

Greetings all,

My spirits and my energy are good. I feel well considering my foot injury. I can't wait until it is healed.

Tomorrow is a big test for me. I will pick up my Mom and take her out for breakfast at the Resort like I do about once a month or so. They have a good if not GREAT spread for Zero Carbers. I love the all Meat Omelets with an extra side of Bacon!!!I usually ask for four over-easy Eggs on top of the Omelet. I just love the runny Yolk all over it. 

OK, I better stop before I start to drool. Hahaha!!!!

I stayed home today as I wrote earlier. I got a lot of rest. Actually, this morning my foot felt really good, then later it started to hurt a bit. It might have been the medication wearing off I guess. At the moment it is somewhere in between. 

So far I am happy with the results of this experiment. I know that there can be up and downs on the scale with this diet. Hey, this is not my first Rodeo don't ya know!!! If that happens I won't panic. I will just continue for the entire 30 days.

I did feel a little hungry between my meals today. Nothing overwhelming......just a little hungry. Ya know that little empty feeling inside my belly.

OOOH.......I almost forgot to mention that instead of Deviled Eggs, I had Egg Salad. Well my version of Egg Salad is mashed up boiled Eggs with Mayonnaise with a sprinkle of dried dill weed. That's it. It is easy to make which is good for a lazy easy meal. The way I make Deviled Eggs and Egg Salad are exactly the same. It is just formed differently. I use a small spoon to eat the Egg Salad and take extra small bites to make it last longer. I savor the flavor. It is ssssooo good!!!

Jeez I have to get a napkin for the............drool! Lol!!!

Good bye until tomorrow. Lets see how strong my resolve is at the breakfast buffet at the resort......will it be only black plain coffee or will I break down and dive into the Omelet bar???

Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Like a ROCK



4/28/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 3

Greetings family and friends,

I am recovering well my good friends. I am down, but absolutely not out. And now for the important stuff........

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1 = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs, loss current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)
DAY 2 = (2.0) = 02.0 lbs, loss current weight: 173.0 lbs (talk to me)
DAY 3 = (1.0) =0 3.0 lbs, loss current weight: 172.0 lbs (keep it coming)

It looks like the pain and medication have not done any damage to my weight loss effort. I took the day off from work to rest my foot and give it a chance to recover without unnecessary stress placed on it.

My Spirits are good and although I am a little groggy from medications, I still feel a nice amount of energy.

A positive spin is that I have some time to slow down and do some meditation and appreciate what I have accomplished these past few years. Y'all know how it is, sometimes we are so involved in everyday life we tend to look past the small things that make life GREAT!!!

Believe me I am oh so Grateful for many, many things and at this time I can relax and reflect on them. 

Have a great day my family and friends. We win Battles everyday, yet the War rages on. Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Wounded Warrior



Thursday, April 27, 2017

4/27/2017 - 30 Day Challenge Day 2 - Supplemental

Greetings all,

An end to another perfect day.....well almost. I mentioned in the last post that I had an appointment. Well, I went to see the Doc about some pain in the heal of the foot. Wow, it turned out to be a bone spur messing around with the Achilles tendon. So I am in a bit of pain to say the least.

No more Trojan wars for me I tell you what!!!

So there you go. Pain does not equal "GIVE UP" or "CHEAP EXCUSES". For me it means: BATTLE ON!!!

LOOK-IT: These first few days on this experiment is a little dicey. Yes, I put on my Game Face, but..............

I did not let this physical set back get me down or to the point where I want to give up, No Sir/Ma'am not I. 

I have to be honest and admit that I am in a lot of pain, I mean big time. It got worse as the day wore on.

I am Staying the Course my Friends!!! 

Good bye until tomorrow: No Surrender, No Retreat and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Move Forward


4/27/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 2

Howdy Family and Friends,

So far, so good! I will keep this a little short. I have an appointment this morning and I need to get outta here.

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1 = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs loss current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)
DAY 2 = (2.0) = 02.0 lbs loss current weight: 173.0 lbs (talk to me)

I am feeling that little empty feeling again this morning. Yes, the one I had a hard time describing yesterday. That's OK, no worries here.

So two (2) pounds down, no big deal. As we all should know it is probably just my gut emptying out and some excess water weight. I really want to see what the weight loss will be on Day 7 or so.

Oh, I forgot to put my daily menu and intake at the bottom of the post yesterday.......sorry but it's been awhile y'all. It really should be the same everyday. Unless I decide to throw in the occasional Twinkies or cupcakes..........hahaha!!!

So that's it for now, until later tonight. Almost forgot I switched to two eggs instead of the 2-1/2 for ease. If I feel that I need to switch back, I will. No worries.

B: Plain black coffee & H20
1st meal: 2 boiled eggs and 2 Tb of Mayo
2nd meal2 boiled eggs and 2 Tb of Mayo

Have a great day my friends and family. Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Pathfinders



Wednesday, April 26, 2017

4/26/2017 - 30 Day Challenge Day 1 - Supplemental

Greetings all,

My Spirits are soaring, my Energy level is high ......... and I feel good if not GREAT!!!

I will be honest and tell-ya that although I was real enthusiastic about doing this 30 day challenge......well I thought for a moment: "What the HELL am I getting myself into???" OK, breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out......... Ah much better. LOL!!!!

So I panicked a little, jeez I am only human don't ya know? Or do you??? Just kidding. No, not about being human........uh........the panicking part......right?

Anyhow, I just told myself: "Now Dave, just take it easy and just do it. Yes, like the commercial." So I did just do it or something like I am getting confused. Somehow that just does not sound right.

OK, now Dave is talking to himself once again........this guy is just the..... I will just leave it there. HA!

Has anyone seen some marbles??? I seemed to have lost some or should I say a lot of them. Now where was I???

Yes, as I was saying: I kinda got cold feet, but only for a second or two. 

Back to the story: So I put on my best pair of socks and jumped right in. Yes, I jumped in the deep part. What the heck if I am going to do it....well might as well just do it right. I did not prepare myself in anyway. I just felt the time was right and there you go!

OK, this is sounding more like an explanation than a summery of my day. So back to business.

I do really feel good on this being Day 1. I do feel a little hungry, nothing major. Maybe just the thought of the amount of food I ate today has triggered so mental deal. Hey, like I have said in the past: I am no nutty professor, so I can't really explain those types of deals.

At the moment I think I feel.....lets see how to put it? Not exactly hungry, more like an empty spot in my tummy. That is a poor description, but it is the best I can do. 

At the end of the day: 

I Feel great

My Spirits are up

I have plenty of Energy

What more can I ask? I have the whole package my family and friends. Oh did I mention I am oh so HAPPY!!! That is the cherry on top....oops I mean that's the melted butter on the rib eye........

Like everything I do: I will take it day by day. I will try not to think too far ahead of myself. I am just happy posting again and do my little experiment. 

Have a wonderful: Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night. It just depends where and when you are reading this post. I have readers from all over the world that visit this blog. Imagine that, this tiny unpublished blog is somewhat international. I have received emails from many different people from different countries either thanking me for this blog or asking for some advice. To them and all I say: I am here for you anytime. I may be slow to respond sometimes, but I always try to respond to everyone that writes me even if I am a little late.

PuRe SeReNiTy

"Take me High, Take Me low, Take Me Where I want to Go .......... You Can't take my Joy form me, since I found  Serenity."

Good bye till tomorrow. Keep in the Fight and do what's Right and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er No FEAR



4/26/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 1

Greetings family and friends,

I guess you may have noticed I started a day late, or did you? 

Well, I messed up a little yesterday morning and got up super late and did not have time to prepare my special Egg meal or weigh myself, so I thought "what the heck" and delayed it by one day.

That gave me time to scarf down some cupcakes, twinkes and wash it all down with some yoo-hoo chocolate drink..........ha, got ya again....did I? OK, maybe not.

So, today is officially day 1 of my 30 day challenge!!!

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1 = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs loss current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)

I gotta tell-ya I am oh so EXCITED to see what happens. Yes I am indeed!!!

So far, just hours into my challenge I am feeling good if not GREAT!!! Hey does that sound like Tony the Tiger??? Oops, that is realted to Frosted Flakes..........Double YUCK to the fourth degree!!

I gotta-tell-ya my spirits are SOARING!!!!!!!! I have good vibrations all over my body! I am walking on Sunshine Y'ALL!!! Yes, I just might have to break out in song.......

"I'm walking on sunshine,

And don't it feel good!"

Katrina And The Waves - Walking On Sunshine:

Dang, I am out of breath dancing to the video.......hahaha!!!

Look-IT: I am bursting with ENERGY and EXCITEMENT!!! I just can't help I can't!

Now where was I??? Oh, yes I will be reporting twice a day believe it or not. Once in the morning and once before bedtime. Just to let you know how I am feeling and to sum up the day. 

I will use the format that I used with the original Five Bite Diet (5BD) challenge I did a five (5) of years ago, jeez where did the time go??? 

Well, I am just chilling right now listening to my theme song: "Saved by Zero" by the FIXX. 

Alright that is all for now. I will try to post my first post of the day much earlier than today. 

Have a wonderful day my family and friends, Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Back in the BATTLE


Monday, April 24, 2017

4/24/2017 - The Triple Whammy.....

Greetings all,

Friends, Family, and Countrymen lend me your ears! 

OK: "Countrymen" can mean any country since this blog is international. 

Ooh international INDEED!!! Hahaha!!!

Yes, my Family and Friends I will not make this easy or get to the point quickly, because.......because......well it's too easy if I do it that way and it would not be fun.

Have I lost everyone with that rather weak double talk???

 To tell ya the TRUTH I have been pondering doing the "Total Fast" that my Good if not GREAT Friend and partner in crime Denis did..........but I just don't know if I could do it any better than he.

So that got me THINKING....RED ALERT, RED ALERT, RED ALERT........yes, I know that can be Dangerous........but Danger is my middle name: Don't You Know????????? 

LOOK-IT: I would not mind leaning out somewhat. I remember when I went down to 165.8 lbs on 6/13/2012 and 166 lbs on 2/2/2013 both as a result of the 5 Bite Diet Ala Zero Carb. 

Now a days I range from 185-188 lbs and look basically like the slimmer photo on this blogs intro page labeled "Still Standing".

I actually felt better with 20 lbs less weight. I have not been doing anything special to gain muscle mass, so I guess the extra weight must be fat. 

Anyhow this is what I have planned:


Jeez what can that be?????????

Yes, folks jot down this date in history, so that you can tell your grandchildren where you were when this event was announced!!!

OK: all this Mumbo Jumbo and still no News you can Use! 

Somehow I get lost when try to state a point..........or do I?

Yes, now for the oh so long awaited announcement:

1. I will start a 30 day Challenge to myself...

2. It will be:

A. Part 5 Bite Diet
B. Part Zero Carb Lifestyle
C. Part Egg Fast

3. I will eat only Jelly Doughnuts and Twinkies..........

OK: number 3 was to see if you were still paying attention. Hahaha!!!

So there you go....... the Triple Whammy...HMMMM the Triple Whammy??? I think I like that......yes, yes I do. I will dub this the Triple Whammy Zero Carb Challenge! No, on second thought that sounds a little too corny........

Ahh....what to call it??? How about The Zero Carb 5 Bite Egg Fast Challenge? Well, not as glamorous as the Triple Whammy deal, but what can you do??? To sum up the Name of the Challenge:

"ZC 5BD Egg Fast Challenge"

Then after the heading Day 1 and so on. Oh actually it will look like this tomorrow:

"4/25/2017 - ZC 5BD Egg Fast Challenge Day 1"

OK, Dave you did it again........what did I do?? 

The old cart before the horse. Cart? Horse? WTF or Wheres The Fruit??? Not here I can tell you that!!!

The Egg Fast? Yes, the Egg Fast. I just forgot that maybe not many here understand the Egg Fast or may not have heard of it. Duh!!!

Sorry y'all yet another slip of the BRAIN.......I tell you what!!!


1. Must eat eggs as the primary source of fat and protein.
2. 1 tablespoon of butter (or other fat source) used per egg consumed.
3. I must eat an egg no later than 30 minutes after waking.
4. The egg meals ideally should be eaten every 3 hours, but not more than every 5 hours.
5. I will follow this schedule even if I’m not hungry (I’ll have 1 egg when that happens).
6. Cheese will be permitted up to one ounce per egg.
7. A minimum of a half-dozen eggs must be consumed daily.
8. The eggs will be local pastured eggs loaded with healthy omega-3 fats and Vitamin D.
9. Egg consumption will cease three hours before bedtime.
10. Diet soda will be allowed up to 3 cans daily with a goal of 1 or less.

OK, so that is the basic Egg Fast Diet plan, some my differ a bit. As you can see I chopped it up a little. Actually, I chopped it up a lot. I will explain it by the numbers:

3. I will do a coffee morning fast instead
4. I will follow the two meals a day Ala 5BD
5. I will follow the 5BD schedule
7. I will eat two and half eggs a meal
8. I buy store bought eggs
10. Diet Soda....Hell to the DOUBLE NO!!!!

So, I will continue a Zero Carb Lifestyle, while using the 5BD eating schedule/portion size and will only eat high fat content eggs as in the Egg Fast Diet.

How will I do this? Easy: I plan to eat 5 deviled eggs twice a day for 30 days. I consider a deviled egg one bite for me. So there you go. I might consider two ounces of no carb cheese with two boiled eggs, but at this point the deviled eggs are the way I will go at this time. 

To Be CLEAR: a deviled egg to me is a half of boiled egg white filled with mashed up cooked egg yolk with mayonnaise. I could add a little mustard or not. So, I will eat five (5) whole eggs and five (5) tablespoons of mayonnaise a day. 

Just one more thing, I will simulcast or should I say simulpost this challenge on my Zero Carb Blog and my 5Bite Diet Blog. 

So easy even I can follow it! Ha! 

Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!!

Have a great day my friends and family. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Up to the CHALLENGE


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