Monday, April 24, 2017

4/24/2017 - The Triple Whammy.....

Greetings all,

Friends, Family, and Countrymen lend me your ears! 

OK: "Countrymen" can mean any country since this blog is international. 

Ooh international INDEED!!! Hahaha!!!

Yes, my Family and Friends I will not make this easy or get to the point quickly, because.......because......well it's too easy if I do it that way and it would not be fun.

Have I lost everyone with that rather weak double talk???

 To tell ya the TRUTH I have been pondering doing the "Total Fast" that my Good if not GREAT Friend and partner in crime Denis did..........but I just don't know if I could do it any better than he.

So that got me THINKING....RED ALERT, RED ALERT, RED ALERT........yes, I know that can be Dangerous........but Danger is my middle name: Don't You Know????????? 

LOOK-IT: I would not mind leaning out somewhat. I remember when I went down to 165.8 lbs on 6/13/2012 and 166 lbs on 2/2/2013 both as a result of the 5 Bite Diet Ala Zero Carb. 

Now a days I range from 185-188 lbs and look basically like the slimmer photo on this blogs intro page labeled "Still Standing".

I actually felt better with 20 lbs less weight. I have not been doing anything special to gain muscle mass, so I guess the extra weight must be fat. 

Anyhow this is what I have planned:


Jeez what can that be?????????

Yes, folks jot down this date in history, so that you can tell your grandchildren where you were when this event was announced!!!

OK: all this Mumbo Jumbo and still no News you can Use! 

Somehow I get lost when try to state a point..........or do I?

Yes, now for the oh so long awaited announcement:

1. I will start a 30 day Challenge to myself...

2. It will be:

A. Part 5 Bite Diet
B. Part Zero Carb Lifestyle
C. Part Egg Fast

3. I will eat only Jelly Doughnuts and Twinkies..........

OK: number 3 was to see if you were still paying attention. Hahaha!!!

So there you go....... the Triple Whammy...HMMMM the Triple Whammy??? I think I like that......yes, yes I do. I will dub this the Triple Whammy Zero Carb Challenge! No, on second thought that sounds a little too corny........

Ahh....what to call it??? How about The Zero Carb 5 Bite Egg Fast Challenge? Well, not as glamorous as the Triple Whammy deal, but what can you do??? To sum up the Name of the Challenge:

"ZC 5BD Egg Fast Challenge"

Then after the heading Day 1 and so on. Oh actually it will look like this tomorrow:

"4/25/2017 - ZC 5BD Egg Fast Challenge Day 1"

OK, Dave you did it again........what did I do?? 

The old cart before the horse. Cart? Horse? WTF or Wheres The Fruit??? Not here I can tell you that!!!

The Egg Fast? Yes, the Egg Fast. I just forgot that maybe not many here understand the Egg Fast or may not have heard of it. Duh!!!

Sorry y'all yet another slip of the BRAIN.......I tell you what!!!


1. Must eat eggs as the primary source of fat and protein.
2. 1 tablespoon of butter (or other fat source) used per egg consumed.
3. I must eat an egg no later than 30 minutes after waking.
4. The egg meals ideally should be eaten every 3 hours, but not more than every 5 hours.
5. I will follow this schedule even if I’m not hungry (I’ll have 1 egg when that happens).
6. Cheese will be permitted up to one ounce per egg.
7. A minimum of a half-dozen eggs must be consumed daily.
8. The eggs will be local pastured eggs loaded with healthy omega-3 fats and Vitamin D.
9. Egg consumption will cease three hours before bedtime.
10. Diet soda will be allowed up to 3 cans daily with a goal of 1 or less.

OK, so that is the basic Egg Fast Diet plan, some my differ a bit. As you can see I chopped it up a little. Actually, I chopped it up a lot. I will explain it by the numbers:

3. I will do a coffee morning fast instead
4. I will follow the two meals a day Ala 5BD
5. I will follow the 5BD schedule
7. I will eat two and half eggs a meal
8. I buy store bought eggs
10. Diet Soda....Hell to the DOUBLE NO!!!!

So, I will continue a Zero Carb Lifestyle, while using the 5BD eating schedule/portion size and will only eat high fat content eggs as in the Egg Fast Diet.

How will I do this? Easy: I plan to eat 5 deviled eggs twice a day for 30 days. I consider a deviled egg one bite for me. So there you go. I might consider two ounces of no carb cheese with two boiled eggs, but at this point the deviled eggs are the way I will go at this time. 

To Be CLEAR: a deviled egg to me is a half of boiled egg white filled with mashed up cooked egg yolk with mayonnaise. I could add a little mustard or not. So, I will eat five (5) whole eggs and five (5) tablespoons of mayonnaise a day. 

Just one more thing, I will simulcast or should I say simulpost this challenge on my Zero Carb Blog and my 5Bite Diet Blog. 

So easy even I can follow it! Ha! 

Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!!

Have a great day my friends and family. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Up to the CHALLENGE




  1. Only you could have come up with that challenge. It will be interesting to see the results and how you feel while on this 30 day challenge.

    1. Howdy Sara!!! Interesting indeed!

  2. Another fun filled challenge. I miss your daily posts. It was really fun years ago when you started your journal on the original zeroing in on health. I learned a lot about zero carb through you and besides that, you always have a humor about your writing. I really appreciate your upbeat positive attitude towards whatever you are writing about. I know that you have settled down in your posting for whatever reasons, but I just wanted to know that I do from time to time read through your posts from start to finish reflecting on your insights. Its good reading and I just want to say thank you for keeping this information available for those who come upon it and gain knowledge from your experience.

    1. Thank you Maryzc, in a way I miss posting daily too, but sometimes life just gets in the way among other things. Those "Old Days" were exciting for me. Losing all that weight just by eating....who would that thought???

  3. I’m excited too, thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. You are most welcome Cat, thanks for the support!



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