Saturday, April 29, 2017

4/29/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 4

Greetings family and friends,

Still rocking! That's what I'm talking about don't ya know!!!

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1 = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs, loss current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)
DAY 2 = (2.0) = 02.0 lbs, loss current weight: 173.0 lbs (talk to me)
DAY 3 = (1.0) = 03.0 lbs, loss current weight: 172.0 lbs (keep it coming)
DAY 4 = (0.5) = 03.5 lbs, loss current weight: 171.5 lbs (Oh my)

OMG, today was a test indeed!!! I really wanted to eat at the resort today. But I Stood Strong my good friends. I had a few cups of plain black java and that was it. I had a blast hanging out with my Mom just talking about everything under the sun.

Was I tempted: No.................OK YES, so what? Ha!!! I have to admit I was thinking that I could just start over on Sunday, then I thought why throw away the progress that I have already made. This brought me down to earth..........I guess like Major Tom. Who is that? Well there are two version of his story. This is the one I like:

              Major Tom

Yes, I do feel hungry, but not in a bad way. Nothing overwhelming. Just again that tiny empty feeling in the gut. Nothing that I can't overcome. As of this post I have had only my first meal of the day. I don't want to eat my second meal too early.

On my way to pick up my Mom I had a large Iced tea from McDonald's. I was thirsty due to my medication and I did not feel like drinking water. It was nice and cold and quenched my thirst. 

I forgot to put my "Menu" on the last update post, but it will basically be the same everyday. OK y'all, I am entertaining my Mom and I need to go. I have decided not to post a "Supplemental" post on the weekends. So this is it until tomorrow.

B: Plain black coffee, Plain iced tea & H20
1st meal: 2 boiled eggs and 2 Tb of Mayo
2nd meal2 boiled eggs and 2 Tb of Mayo

Have a great day my family and friends. No Surrender, No Retreat and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er I’ll meet you on the other Side




  1. The only comment I will make today: I admire how strong you were not eating while going out at this resort with your mother, as it is more easy to say the to do.

    Anyway, this is the ONLY way to get somewhere with our way of eating...


  2. Amen Brother........Battle On!!!



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