Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5/10/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 15

Greetings all,

This is it!! The wait is over! Drum Roll PLEAS!!!!

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1   = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs,loss, current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)
DAY 2   = (2.0) = 02.0 lbs, loss, current weight: 173.0 lbs (talk to me)
DAY 3   = (1.0) = 03.0 lbs loss, current weight: 172.0 lbs (keep it coming)
DAY 4   = (0.5) = 03.5 lbs loss, current weight: 171.5 lbs (oh my)
DAY 5   = (0.5) = 04.0 lbs loss, current weight: 171.0 lbs (yeah baby)
DAY 6   = (1.0) = 05.0 lbs loss, current weight: 170.0 lbs (this is how we do it)
DAY 7   = (3.0) = 08.0 lbs loss, current weight: 167.0 lbs (not so fast)
DAY 8   = (0.5) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (not bad)
DAY 9   = (0.0) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (THE WALL)
DAY 10 = (0.5) = 09.0 lbs loss, current weight: 166.0 lbs (push forward)
DAY 11 = (0.5) = 09.5 lbs loss, current weight: 165.5 lbs (record low)
DAY 12 = (1.0) = 10.5 lbs loss, current weight: 164.5 lbs (record low 2)
DAY 13 = (1.0) = 11.5 lbs loss. current weight: 163.5 lbs (record low 3)
DAY 14 = (0.5) = 12.0 lbs loss, current weight: 163.0 lbs (record low 4)
DAY 15 = (0.5) = 12.5 lbs loss, current weight: 162.5 lbs (record low 5 ta da!!)


Yes, it was an Experiment Folks, no more, no less. OK, I am not going to go there.

How do you feel Dave??? I feel rather good if not GREAT!!!! Considering the circumstances of having an injured foot, being on medication and some unfortunate undo stress. All came out fine.

What will you do next Dave? Hmm........... lets see what mischief I can get myself into next. Just joking or am I?

Well, yesterday I went shopping and bought two large packages of Rib eye steaks @ $2.97 lb. Each steak weight a little over a pound each. YUUUUMMMM!!!!!!

Jeez what to do with those steaks............I just don't know. Right?

I Tell You What: After all those eggs I am ready for a little change. I have plenty of Oak Lump Coal begging to be FIRED UP! Along with a nice variety of wood chips that would be rather angry if they did not get some action too. Hahaha!!!

It actually felt good if not Great posting daily. It felt like old times in a sense. I gotta tell ya that starting my original ZIOH Journal was very Exciting, Challenging and a bit Scary at the very beginning.

I was a NOOB aka NEWBIE. I had to be careful what I said for the most part until I got some experience. I totally agree with that, because you don't want someone giving advice to others when they have don't fully understand what's going on.

Yet, the easiest thing for me to do was to try to follow the Purest Path. I did for the most part, but as time went on I start to experiment with other accepted Zero Carb foods and some that were a little more controversial. I know that Coffee has been frowned upon as well as Dairy. Although Dairy is more widely accepted to me and most other Zero Carb sites or groups. Ah, but we are not following the Core: Dink Water when thirsty and Eat Meat when Hungry. Yes, we walk GREY or GRAY LINES. 

That's OK.........or is it???

I often ask myself "could I become a true PUREST??? Yes I do like talking to myself don't ya know lol? 

I think I could be a Purest, but could I really do it Life Long. I really don't know. There is a large variety of meats out there that are oh so yummy. But still, no eggs........OK eggs are not a big deal at the moment (I wonder why), but I do enjoy some easy over eggs running all over some pan sausage, bacon or my FAVORITE Barbacoa! YUM to the 10th degree!!!

In the past I would tell myself: "food is just fuel, food is just fuel, food is just fuel" and so on. Jeez why does it have to taste so freaking good if not Great? Darn taste buds!

So, where do I go now? Back to eating doughnuts, Twinkies or putting Dunking Doughnuts out of business............yes it's a JOKE! 

Lighting up a little! I love humor folks, yes I do. My humor is my it, hate really does not matter.

Look-It: Most bullies are just COWARDS when they are out of their element.  Don't ever let Someone Shut - You - Down! 

Stand up for yourself! Be Strong, Be Confident and most of all:

Brave- Sara Bareilles

That's it for now my family and friends. It's been fun and challenging all at the same time. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!





  1. thanks dave for the inspirational message.

    1. You inspire me Cat, thanks for your support!!! Battle On!!!

  2. I see sparks of the past here. Lots of encouragement and care. You have a way of making everyone feel good about themselves.

    1. Just call me! Encouragement is my middle name don't ya know!!! There is too much hate in the world. I don't want it in mine. Thanks for the support. Battle On!!!



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