Saturday, May 6, 2017

5/6/2017 - ZC / 5BD / Egg Fast Challenge Day 11

Greetings family and friends,

Today marks an all time new record low! 

 Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

DAY 1   = (0.0) = 00.0 lbs,loss, current weight: 175.0 lbs (out the gate)
DAY 2   = (2.0) = 02.0 lbs, loss, current weight: 173.0 lbs (talk to me)
DAY 3   = (1.0) = 03.0 lbs loss, current weight: 172.0 lbs (keep it coming)
DAY 4   = (0.5) = 03.5 lbs loss, current weight: 171.5 lbs (oh my)
DAY 5   = (0.5) = 04.0 lbs loss, current weight: 171.0 lbs (yeah baby)
DAY 6   = (1.0) = 05.0 lbs loss, current weight: 170.0 lbs (this is how we do it)
DAY 7   = (3.0) = 08.0 lbs loss, current weight: 167.0 lbs (not so fast)
DAY 8   = (0.5) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (not bad)
DAY 9   = (0.0) = 08.5 lbs loss, current weight: 166.5 lbs (THE WALL)
DAY 10 = (0.5) = 09.0 lbs loss, current weight: 166.0 lbs (push forward)
DAY 11 = (0.5) = 09.5 lbs loss, current weight: 165.5 lbs (record low)

OK, l had rather disturbing experience yesterday from someone I used to respect. I won't go into any details on who or where. It is sad to me that this person thought it was "OK" to challenge my thoughts and beliefs when it comes my my chosen Zero Carb Lifestyle path. 

I share what I do here for those to see. I do not instruct any to do as I do. I do not pretend to be a "GURU" on the subject, because Zero Carb is elementary. Anything beyond the "core principles" are purely speculative. We all have freedom of choice. 

Furthermore, I do not gang up on an individual to tear them down with others because of their Zero Carb beliefs. I have more respect for myself than that. A better approach would to be to talk to them in private and discuss any issues that they were concerned about to get the others point of view.

There is one absolute truth in that there is not a single person on this entire planet that is an expert when it comes to Zero Carb or anything to do with the human body. Even highly educated Doctors and Scientist are at odds with each other concerning the human body let alone the Zero Carb Lifestyle. 

So while it is nice to share your thoughts and opinions with each other on this topic, it is rather absurd to make bold blanket negative judgments on others chosen path with the Zero Carb Lifestyle. Enough said on that rather unfortunate and unnecessary experience. 

So my friends and family I am at an all time low as to best of my knowledge. I am feeling Great, my Spirits and Energy levels are high and that little empty feeling is totally gone. My foot is healing really good. The pain is almost completely gone.

Lets see what tomorrow brings: up the scale, down the scale, it really does not matter. 

Have a great day my family and friends. We win battles everyday, yet the war still rages on. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er No FEAR




  1. I am sorry you had that happen to you Dave. All those people have to do is read your blog and know that you are a kind, funny, good-natured person. I stay away from places that are negative and promoted hate. I know you won't let this get you down. Love all your post and your crazy experiments lol.

    1. Thank you Sara, that really means a lot coming from you. Don't worry, although it did make me feel a little down, I was more surprised how easy it was for people to be so vicious. It was just a few, but that should not have been allowed. They did not even know me. Take care and Always Battle On!!!

  2. Dave I know exactly what happened to you. I am a member of that group. I won't mention the site or names since you made it clear in your blog that you don't want that information out. I don't know if you had been back there, but it was like a feeding frenzy trashing you out by mostly a bunch of no nothing newbies along with a few vets. I was totally surprised by the vets.

    You are absolutely correct about zc. After meat and water there are no real solid rules. Look at the recipes at that place and they are far from meat and water preaching. It is typical of other sites that don't practice what they preach. The main one that attacked you is nothing but a power tripping hypocrite with a hand full of minions. You were way too kind not to mention what really happened. You can delete this comment if you wish, but I just could not stand by and not give some insight on how you were unfairly treated. Sorry for the rant.

    1. Thank you for not divulging that information. As for the vets that joined them.... I don't know what to say. I expect that behavior from a bunch of noobs who don't know me or are not really practicing (ZC) and are just exploring the site. I guess the noobs think that they are scoring "BROWNIE POINTS" with the group. Those types of cowards would never say the words they type on a keyboard to my face. I can guarantee you that much. I agree with you about (ZC) rules: MEAT & WATER. That's it plain and simple. A true purest would practice the core principles only. But the recipes on my own blog and that site are not all pure meat and water. So we both don't practice a purest tract. So it is not fair to hold me to a standard that you don't follow yourself. I would never post a link to a 30 Day Challenge to a purest site that involved only eating a limited amount of eggs. I never mentioned anywhere at anytime that this challenge represents a purest (ZC) Life Style.

      There are a lot of folks over there that I truly like very much and I have a lot of respect for them. Although I feel that I was not treated fairly and accused of something that I did not do for example one person said I was posting pictures of doughnuts which is a lie. I posted a link to my 30 DAY Challenge which includes the LOGO of my Blog which has a picture of a doughnut. I hate to say it, but common sense would tell you that I am not promoting eating doughnuts. I could go on forever on this, but I won't. Anyway I appreciate your support. You can always email me at if you want to communicate further. I have a lot of correspondence with folks from all over the world that like to talk shop. Battle On!!!

  3. i couldn't believe what i read from you and the comment from the member of that place that attacked you. just stay away from places like that, you know enough about zc to get you through anything. i have been reading your journal since the zioh days. you are always such a friendly funny guy that always puts a smile on my face when i visit here. i can't stand cyber bullies that are brave behind the keyboard and don't know what the hell they are talking about. i love your enthusiasm and the way you are so had one of the most interesting journals on zioh and i followed you here. i know for sure that a lot of people who have read your journal and blog know that you are very honest about your experiences and views. thank you for coming back and writing again. please don't this keep you from being here. i really appreciate you as well as many others.

    1. What can I say Cat, we live in a society today where folks congregate in cyber space and some forget about the rules of civility and decent behavior. I carry my natural behavior that I use in everyday life to the "net". I don't change because I am not standing in front of you. WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get. I guess I am out of date. That's OK, I will not change. Thanks for the support, Battle On!!!

  4. I want to apologize for the behavior of some members of that site that attacked you yesterday. We all know that emotions can get heated when we are passionate about something, but it does not excuse that type of behavior. I, too, was personally shocked and offended by their actions. You made a good point that if there is a difference of opinion one should talk it out and not just bash you or embarrass you in front of others. That is demeaning and inexcusable. They should be privileged to have someone like you visiting them.

    1. Thank you Marcus for your support. I am just a person who cares and I too can get passionate about things I believe in, but that would not excuse me from treating others the way I want to be treated. The old Golden Rule. I wished that someone there would have reached out to me. They have a way to contact me either through the site or my published email. I don't know about the privileged thing my Friend, but I appreciate the sentiment. Battle On!!!

  5. You have said it so many time: we are at war and our ennemies are numerous. Sadly.

    Anyway, loosing about 10 lbs in 10 days AND HAVING A PAINFULL FOOT PROBLEM out of the way IN EVEN LESS TIME, is certainly what I would call a SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!


    1. Denis, yes war indeed with our enemies which should only come from those who do not understand our Lifestyle choice. It is indeed "sad", but I would rather have those folks that are on our same path become our FRIENDS and unit with us to do battle with the real enemies. Inside fighting is never a good thing. Division is never a good thing. We can appreciate our differences and our common goals. It is unwise for an all or nothing mind set. Except for my wacky experiments, I practice (ZC) everyday just like them in most ways. For someone to claim I off the path is totally wrong. This is not a noob training camp. I never claimed it every was. The information here from my post is my experience thru (ZC). This (ZC) Blog as far is my own posts, represents a continuance of my original (ZC) Journal. A true account on how I live my life concerning (ZC). It is impossible for me to be off my own (ZC) path. All you have to do is read. That simple that easy. It's called pulling the trigger without analyzing the facts. I like doing wacky experiments. It is just who I am. I do in other aspects of my life. I don't need permission from anyone. That's why I write in my own uncensored blog. Free from censorship, free from being afraid of every word I type.

      Denis, I can always count on you for support my Great Friend. Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!



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