Sunday, November 12, 2017

11/12/2017 - Goat Review, if you wan to call it that.....

Greetings Friends and Family. My Spirits are high, my Health is Great and I do not have any cravings for carbs. 

Goat........yum? Yes, yum indeed!!!

Well, my first shot at making Goat crashed and burned. I marinated it and tried to grill it on the pit and while it tasted great, it was tougher than leather. Good thing I only made two pieces.

My second shot at making Goat was today. This time I made a Goat Guisado sorta speak. 

Goat Guisado Recipe

Basically I browned about 2.5 pounds of Goat pieces in  1/4 cup of oil, added 1 medium chopped onion, 6 chopped garlic cloves, a table spoon of whole black pepper corn, 1/2 table spoon of thyme and salt. After about 20 minuets I added 1 cup of red wine. Any wine will do but I used Cabernet Sauvignon. I continued to cook it on medium high for abut 20 minuets more, stirring occasionally. You need to cook it until almost all the liquid in the pan is gone. Then I added 1 liter of chicken broth (any broth will do).  I brought it up to a boil, then I lowered it to a simmer and covered it. After three hours I took the lid off and raised it to medium high again and let the liquid reduce to a thick natural sauce. At the end I sprinkled it with a little paprika for a little color. 

I have to say it was pretty good, yet though some of the meat was tender, other parts were a just little tough. Yet, it was not as tough as my first try. The Goat had a strong taste that I enjoyed. 

It looked a lot like this picture I found on the net:
Goat Guisado

I will just braise the other 2.5 pounds of Goat in salt and pepper sometime in the future. I want it just plain with the true taste of the Goat. One day I will find some young Goat and attempt a slow cook in the pit. This Goat must be much older. The leg was pretty big for it to be a young Goat. 

Coming soon: will be my alternative Oopsie Roll recipe that is as true Zero Carb as you can get. No dairy in it at all. It comes out just as good as the original recipe.

BTW, I have a whole Chicken on my showtime Jr. Rotisserie as I type. Life is good if not Great living the Zero Carb Lifestyle!!!!

Have a Great day my Friends and Family. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

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  1. It looks like someone is eating good. You have been missed and thanks for the recipes. I don't have any experience with goat. I have only eaten lamb a few times and it was just ok for me. I too anticipate your non-dairy oopsie roll recipe. I have been doing great. You are right to say that once you have been on zc for a long time it comes second nature. Me and my hubby have been on it for years. ~Maryzc

    1. Howdy Maryzc!!! It's nice to be missed! I'm glad that you are still going strong on Zero Carb and with your (DH) to boot!!!

      Speaking of recipes.......I plan on posting my Dairy-Free Oopsie Rolls recipe tomorrow including pictures. Yes I am!!! Battle On!!!



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